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Tue Apr 25 17 11:09am
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I've got two 2-packs on the way, arriving Thursday. I can't wait to play this with my wife and older son, and the fourth joy con and wheel will be ready for my youngest as soon as he gets old enough to play instead of chew on them. With auto steering, that might come soon!

Let the young one try. Who knows, chewing may be a viable strategy thanks to Smart Steering. XD

Haha, it might! He's almost 1 & 1/2. He actually has a remote control car that has a motion steering wheel, so it's not out of the question. He picks up the Wiimote and shouts "Game! GAME!" His older brother is about to turn four and plays quite a bit.

Haha, that sounds very sweet. Smile Glad they are both growing up with some nice, good old-fashioned Mario Kart (and remote cars). Hope the'll both enjoy Deluxe when it releases.


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