Cave Story+ physical version to include instruction booklet

The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ had an instruction booklet for those that picked up a physical copy. Looks like Cave Story+ is going to do the same. The booklet with Isaac spoofed the style of the instruction booklet for the original Legend of Zelda. Is this Cave Story+ manual going to spoof something as well? Going off of just cover art, Metroid on the NES had a gray booklet as well. The two games certainly have similar styles!

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So sad I missed out on the first run of physical Afterbirth. Gonna have to make sure I get this. Just in case they stop producing them with booklets.

I am kind of torn on the first run of Isaac.

On one hand it's nostalgic, on the other the internal boxart is pretty clever too.

Did the first run not have the internal box art? Cuz I love that. I thought it was super cool that you open the game and can read the story.

Wed Apr 26 17 08:22pm
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It does, but the artwork is different from the second-run. For the first print, the reverse box art is the same scene as the front, but in a different style (different artist?).

Wed Apr 26 17 09:03pm
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Technically not an "inside art" as one would expect, it's basically the other side of a reversible cover. Wasn't designed for the inside.

Love this trend with Nicalis. Hope to see bigger company's following suit.

That's it then, I'm getting physical


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