Nintendo on continuing to bring great franchises to 3DS, won't say if New 2DS XL is the last redesign

Coming from a Verge interview with Reggie Fils-Aime...

“We believe this is a key addition to the line. A very important platform. It’s something that we’re going to continue to drive this year [and] next year.

We’re going to continue to have great games leveraging all of our great franchises. Just like Nintendo Switch is going to have its own development pace and its own set of experiences. Clearly there’s a processing power difference between the different systems. You couldn’t have an experience like Breath of the Wild on the 3DS family. But on the other hand, with the two screens, with the 3D capability, there are experiences that we will create for the 3DS family that you can’t have on Nintendo Switch. By continuing to do that, we’ll drive the install base of both systems, and continue to drive the overall Nintendo business. That’s our thinking.”

When asked whether thsi would be the last redesign of the 3DS, Reggie couldn't say.

“Our focus is on making sure this launch goes well and what the future holds, we’ll see.”

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Before any more outrage happens, I think we have to wait until E3 to see what Nintendo's plans for the 3DS are.
I still don't think we'll be getting any more big games besides the ones that have already been announced, but small projects like Hey Pikmin and remakes seem plausible.

"But on the other hand, with the two screens, with the 3D capability, there are "... What 3D Reggie?

Guarantee the next mainline pokemon game is coming to 3DS.

I think the long rumored Pokémon Stars will be for both 3DS and Switch. I fully believe Euro Gamer got it right when they leaked that it's coming to Switch. Nintendo needs Pokémon on the console. No other franchise sells hardware the way Pokémon does.

I meant the next duo. Pokemon does what's best for Pokemon... Not Nintendo. They'll want to at least squeeze one more set out of the assets from sun and moon.

The next Pokémon game will definitively be on the 3DS. Pokémon generations never do a mid-gen console jump.
Emerald was released on the GBA in 2005, and BW2 came out on the DS in 2012, and were actually the last first party games for the console.

I can't imagine this being a good thing for the Switch though. I mean, if the Famitsu Top-Wanted list is any indication, the fact that Dragon Quest XI is coming to both Switch and 3DS is sapping the potential for sales out of the Switch version. People want the 3DS version far more than they want the Switch one, and it's easy to imagine why : they won't need to buy a new system to play it anywhere they want, they can just play it on their existing 3DS.

If Pokémon Stars (IF it comes) comes out on 3DS still, it's not going to move nearly as many Switches... even if for my part I'll get it on Switch if only to be able to play it on the TV when I feel like it, and on the go when I don't. But for that, the rumoured game has to turn out to be true of course.

Not every game is meant to move hardware though.

Pokémon games should at least. It was 2016's biggest source of revenue for Nintendo.

Same with Fire Emblem Warriors, I thought the 3ds port announcement was a bad move by Nintendo and Tecmo Koei.

Sun Apr 30 17 05:31pm
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It somehow makes perfect sense to continue bringing kids games to 3DS/2DS. The graphics are "good enough" and the system itself is super-cheap. Some parents don't want or can't spend 350 bucks on a gaming device. Those games that come out with new Pixar movies or Nickelodeon shows make total sense on the 2DS, for example.

Just bring the "real" games to Switch, please.

I want the 3ds to live on as long as possible. I hope Nintendo keep making quality games for the system. I am going to miss it when there are no longer any systems with old school looking graphics anymore.

Sun Apr 30 17 05:55pm
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Naah, next thing we know is that a Nintendo 4DS™ will be introduced at a random moment of next year, featuring thermic sensors and all sorts of gizmos that will ultimately become fruitless if/when a truly system successor to the 3DS will be made lel

Wonder what IPs they are going to make for the 3DS...

Give Switch a chance Nintendo, quit squandering your quality on outdated hardware. It pains me to say that, because I do have fond memories of my 3ds, but after seeing so many promising HD titles over the years, it really makes a lot of the quality and content in 3ds games look bad or wasted in comparison. Switch is far more capable and easier to make games for, and I wish Nintendo would embrace that, instead of constantly putting too much focus on the 3ds...


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