RUMOR - Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle running on the Snowdrop engine

A rumor on a rumored game. We know how silly that sounds, but the sources out there backing up the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle rumor are, in my eyes, credible enough to believe.

With that said, we're also hearing multiple reports (outside of AND including the video above) that Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will be using Ubisoft's Snowdrop engine. That's worth noting, as both The Division and South Park: The Fractured but Whole use the same engine. If this rumor is true, it's great news to hear Ubisoft has gotten one of their major engines up-and-running on Switch.

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Mon May 01 17 12:56am
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This needs to be repeated again since "Some" people can't get it drilled into their thick skulls.


Mon May 01 17 12:56am
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This needs to be repeated again since "Some" people can't get it drilled into their thick skulls.


Most any source is credible when you're just talking about rumors. The article lists it as such. RMC isn't posting Emily Rogers rumors with "REPORT" or "FACT" it says "RUMOR" so treat it as such. No need to get angry over a rumor.

Emily isn't the only one saying this game is real. There are multiple sources who also say they've seen the game.

People believe what they believe

This still feels like something I saw in a dream before..

Even if this rumor is true, I'd rather have the fractured but whole than this terrible sounding crossover abomination. If this game is true and the switch can run the engine and we don't get south park alongside this game it's just gonna make me despise "kingdom battle" even more.

Would not surprise me if true. I mean, it's Nintendo and they do odd things. But I'll wait for E3 or whenever they show it of.

It's obvious E3 is closing in. The rumour machine is activated again and the forums are salty ;)

Over the years I've come to learn to ignore the E3 rumour mill.
I set my expectations to moderate and just wait for the presentations to do their thing.

Rumours are rumours. What does excite me is the more agressive approach Nintendo has lately (as seen in marketing,), The silene of several devs (RETRO*) and that the Switch is on for a great start. I might be overly hyped for this E3, but with the above examples mentioned, I have reason to be.

*Retro also have tht trend to push hardware. Will be curious to what they can do with the Switch. But also HD rumble Smile

I really hope whatever Retro announces will be something fresh, whenever that announcement comes.
A Donkey Kong or a Metroid would be cool, sure. But I really want them to branch out into other franchises, or even better new IPs.

The extreme event would be them showing of the first Switch VR game. Let that be Metroid or whatever. But coming back to our dimension a bit. RAvenBlade would be nice to see again. But I might not be as excited as I was back in the day when I saw the video of it. I don't think we need a new Donkey Kong at this moment, so something fresh would be nice, I agree.

Also I really want to see what Platinum are doing for Switch.

I have the feeling it would be impossible to predict what Retro is doing. Either by being a totally new IP, or being something so out of nowhere like a modern day open world action aventure reboot/new Star Tropic game.

I like Rabbids. I like Mario.

Snowdrop engine would mean that we could also get the upcoming Avatar game too!

Isn't that exciting?;p

Avatar game? Meaning the movie with Na'vi, the blue aliens?

Yes, the space smurf and their 4 movies of world building

Gotcha. Thank you for clarification. Smile

Ah, ok, don't know why I clicked over here thinking there was some 'leaked' footage.

Curious to see this [but not sure I'd like to see Mario and co play with laser guns, if that last rumour was anything substantial]...

Personally I think its real, since there are people with sources besides Emily that are saying that its real .Although, I do want it to be real just to see some reactions here lol.

I think it is real mostly because of the mario and luigi rabbid figures shown in the ubisoft offices.

Yup thats another reason why I think its real.

... I know it's a bit off topic, but I watched the video for the rumor, I was curious how it was reported... I'm not there, not even half the video watched, but wow. I think I really like that guy. He sounds very swell... I like his commentary on the Mario Kart Steering Assist news. Will keep an eye open for his other videos.

Mon May 01 17 11:12pm
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i'll believe it when i see some random dude on 4chan post about it an hour before an event.


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