TV advertising - Top 5 biggest spenders in the game industry for March 2017

- Nintendo takes the #1 position
- accounts for 30 percent of the spend for the gaming industry (an estimated $18.3 million)
- only brand in the top five ranking that ran commercials during the NCAA men’s basketball tournament
- aired 16 spots over 4,100 times and generated 583.5 million TV ad impressions
- commercial with the most spend was “Believer,” featuring music by Imagine Dragons
- Nintendo spent the most on ads that aired on Nick, Adult Swim, and Comedy Central,
- ads aired during the NCAA tournament, episodes of South Park, and Nickelodeon’s 2017 Kids’ Choice Awards

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There's many reasons the Switch is doing so well right now, and one of them is because Nintendo is spending a lot of money on selling it to people. I hope people are still buying it a year down the line when Nintendo will presumably spend less on advertising and we finally have a clearer idea of this systems future in terms of third party support, online, the Virtual Console, and whatever else. . . .

Tue May 02 17 07:18am
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This is the kind of marketing Nintendo needs to keep doing.

Yep. The lack of ads at [and especially after] launch for the Wii U was very telling - even Nintendo wasn't fully convinced in it [no doubt from the feedback from that bumbling system reveal].

Good for them, really. I hope it pays off for them.

Tue May 02 17 10:32am
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I love the 'Believer' ad. I'm a huge fan of Nintendo's older commercials as well as some of the newer stuff (think along the lines of the Metroid or Zelda: Spirit Tracks ads) but the 'Believer' ad is probably one of my favorite commercials they've ever done.

The combination of how quickly and confidently they sell the concept of Switch alongside a massive, brand new, acclaimed Zelda game and then mix all that that with the most perfect song choice to set the tone.

I still get hyped up when I see the commercial and I've owned a Switch since launch!

(And while I'm rambling on about Switch commercials, the music they set the Mario Kart 8/1-2 Switch/ARMS commercial(s) is also awesome to set a completely different, complimentary tone.)

30% of the industry! Now I understand why Kimishima said that marketing would hurt Nintendo's profits this year in a big way... O-O


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