RUMOR - Is there a Nintendo Direct coming next week?

Nothing escapes the ever-watchful eye of internet sleuths. Today we have some interesting info from the NeoGAF gang that could very well point to a Nintendo Direct as early as next week

- on the Japanese Nintendo Direct page, a slot opened up about a week before the last direct aired
- apparently this is part of a pattern, and has been happening with other Directs
- today, another slot opened up in the same manner on the Nintendo Direct page

Like the info says, this is a pattern that seems to have been pretty much proven at this point. When a slot opens up, a Direct is soon to follow. Let's see if the sleuths have made an accurate prediction!

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Hmm, I wonder what it'd be for. They just had a Direct and E3 is right around the corner, so I don't know why they would announce anything major before that event rolls around.

they might do it so they have more room for other important stuff on the E3 direct... usually e3 directs are 45-50 minutes long iirc

Maybe... a Pokémon Direct to reveal Pokémon Stars (or whatever it's name will be)? They recently showed off some 'Look for the Stars' or something merchendice, and I believe some sort of reveal is set to be made in May (Serebii correct me if I'm wrong)?

Since I doubt a new Pkmn game, especially for Switch, would be revealed at E3, I could see they show it off in a Pokémon Direct. Would be pretty sweet.

Tue May 02 17 06:01am
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Maybe its something relatively minor like the launch of their online service and mobile app. Maybe even virtual console.

Edit: actually I'm hoping it's announcing that Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, Amazon video, YouTube, and the Switch web browser are coming soon.

Tue May 02 17 06:03am
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If we really ARE getting another direct I'd suspect it'd follow what we know is coming out relatively soon and save the big guns for E3.

-ARMS demo
-more Splatoon 2 testfires
-something Fire Emblem Echoes

Just a guess though, the last direct did already talk about splatoon and ARMS at length, so maybe they really will surprise us with something.

Tue May 02 17 06:18am
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Man, I need an ARMS demo so bad... D:

I think it'll be a case of Nintendo announcing their E3 plans [albeit in a press release, no Direct], and TPC will reveal Pokemon Stars [as May is usually when they like to reveal new games] - the later reveal video is what Nintendo will put on their YouTube channels.

Mostly online stuff like price for paid, VC and mobile app stuff, as someone mentioned above. Maybe a little surprise before E3 to keep our hype up ;)

Or sth else.

I vaguely remember them having a Direct on the Sunday right before E3 last year.

my suspicions would be that this direct would be all about the boring things, much they announced the wii name before e3, this would be their chance to shuffle all the info out, ahead of the games that are their focus at the show.

Of course, this could be a japan only direct for something like hey pikmin or something crazy like that as well lol

Tue May 02 17 09:42am
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Ooh, I like guessing games!

I’ll give myself an intro and 6 picks:

Fleshing out and building hype for known upcoming games. They’ve been drip feeding Arms and Splatoon stuff for weeks. This feels like a good time to open the floodgates a little.

Also due is a good amount of detail about Online and Virtual Console services + UI improvements. Stuff that they wont have time for at E3 but will want to have out there in time for the big industry meet-up. I think they’ll save the big surprises for the E3 slugfest.

In this order:

1. Splatoon – delving further into the Squid sisters and the wider story of the game. Single player mode, character and stage reveals. Another global test fire announced - Pre E3.

2. Virtual console – a different name and a different delivery of the service. Announcing a launch date. Post E3.

3. Online services – specific details about voice chat and the smartphone app. Launch date for these services – pre E3. Also a few little neat nintendo’y surprises to make things fun

4. Switch UI mark 2. Themes, improvements to eshop, save data and data management. Available after direct.

5. Story, character and single player mode reveals for ARMS. Selling it as an esport. Demo announced – Available late May.

6. Something Mario Kart related – a tournament or something. Soon after direct.

There you go - feel free to take potshots / re-do's at that list. Also to remind me later this month how wrong / right I was. If there even is a Direct coming at all!

Tue May 02 17 10:40am
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It seems too early for another Direct, if this is accurate I think it'll most likely be a game-specific Direct.

How do we know the slot that opened up isn't just for the E3 digital event that's just opened up early?

Either an early prep for the presumed Digital event, or their announcement video for their E3 plans.

I missed them having one last year, especially after the previous two were so goofy and fun, I say get Mega 64 back.

Would have to either be game-specific (Pokemon Stars? More ARMS stuff?) or an early opening for the E3 Digital Event, since someone in the NeoGAF thread noted that this has happened over a month in advance before, rather an a week.

I would guess a big ARMS blowout with some highlight of the 3rd parties/indies games for the coming months and a bit more info on Splatoon (but I wouldn't bet on that last part).

Virtual Console and online feel important enough that I'd expect them to be featured at E3. If this is a game-specific Direct I'd guess something like Animal Crossing for mobile.

Why would they show of Stars in a dirwct before E3? That would be their killer app at E3, and they should just show it at the end as a teaser.

Absolutely NO Pokemon game was ever revealed at E3. It's just not TPC way of doing things. I doubt there was ever any big info on Pokemon at E3. At least, there is none I remember of. People always assume Pokemon will be there but it never is, well, never more than a couple of demo units on the floor.

People never thought Nintendo would go mobile either.

Still it would be odd to have such a big game announced before E3, since it would over shadow E3's games for many people. Pokemon on Switch would be huuuuge.

Oh yeah, I agree, IF there's a pokemon on Switch, it will be after E3

I assume it'll be filled with even more 3DS exclusives.

Now THAT could very well be. I mean a 3DS Direct and leave E3 for the Switch...

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