Splatoon 2 - map rotation time cut to 2 hours

Coming from an EDGE interview with Splatoon 2 producer Hisashi Nogami...

“We feel that part of the gameplay is actually selecting which weapons would be best for that combination of two maps.
In Splatoon 2, the maps rotate every two hours, so it’ll be a much faster cycle than the previous game.”

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I prefer no map voting, it makes you play on all the maps. When there's voting people tends to choose the same maps over and over and avoid some others. But I hope that they make it that you can change weapons without needing to get out of the lobby.

Sun May 07 17 10:07pm
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Good to hear. Hopefully they won't still lock it down to only two stages per block... perhaps three?

EDIT: Just actually read the blurb... lame. Still two maps at a time.

I like this change a lot.
I wish you could search for custom lobbies though.

On one hand, that would open up a lot of possibilities. On the other hand, the userbase is probably way to small to ensure short matchmaking times if everyone was playing in custom lobbies.

Boo! I don't like this. I'm glad they lowered the rotation but sticking with just two stages at a time is very boring. That's what turned me off to the 1st game.

Sun May 07 17 11:14pm
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Two hours is a very small amount of time.

Mon May 08 17 12:05am
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Not for a busy parent. Or a busy college student. Or really anyone that doesn't have an ample amount of free time to dedicate to gaming.

That said, the two hours change is much appreciated. When I would have marathon nights with the original, playing the same stage and ranked mode for 3-4 hours got super boring.

Mon May 08 17 12:03am
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I don't think one should be deciding their weapons based on maps, but rather on what the enemy team has. An option to switch weapons once you die would be nice.

"An option to switch weapons once you die would be nice." - I really really like this idea. It's player-friendly and allows for more adjustments on the fly

I like the change. The game still keeps the variety by making people play on every stage but now with a quicker rotation. So fresh!

I prefer no Map Voting, as it only takes longer to start the Match if so, and some Maps would be picked too often. I do like that they changed the time to be, well, shorter, so yay for that. ^^

And honestly, I prefer that you cannot change weapons too often. At least not in the middle of a match. That would ruin a lot, I feel.

Still... why having a map rotation at all is felt like a must for those games?

They learned nothing. I have no hope in how they handle weapon selection as well.
There were stages it took months for me to see thanks to the map rotation. Oh just lovely, Nintendo, thanks for being the big bro and choosing the stages for me.
Imagine if this system were in Mario Kart. "Oh nice, now I can focus on what my kart setup should be for the next 2 hours". Thats how ridiculous some of you sound.

Playing on the same map for a while in a shooter or in a racing game isn't comparable.

Mon May 08 17 08:11am
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You're right, at least in MK8D I am be able to change my kart between races. Cant say the same with Splatoon 2.

OK funny but I'm still right.

Mon May 08 17 10:48am
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I hate to break it to you, but you would see new maps even less frequently if they were chosen by the players. In every online game I've played where players vote on which stage to play, it's always the same couple stages over and over and over.

Also, I don't think you are giving the strategy argument enough merit. The pairing of stages switches (it isn't always the same two stages together.) Lets say during this rotation, one is great for snipers, but the other is better for rollers. It forces you to come up with a game plan for which weapon you want to use and what gear you should pair it with to help mitigate potential downsides on maps you or your weapon aren't as effective on. If you play a couple matches and see your set-up isn't working, you can tweak it and try something else. When you take in account that the randomness of having the game pick between two stages without alerting the players to which of the two it will be, the game adds in an element of unpredictability (if everyone knew they were playing on a map with long straight corridors (like Port Mackerel,) most would flock to the same weapons--Snipers.)

Strategy holds no merit, imo.
There is rarely an instance where people switch off from what they are using based on what the map type is. People just use what they like and adapt it to suit whatever stage they are playing on. I know everyone I've played with doesnt ever switch off from Ninja Squidding and whatever they're used to. I mean, if "strategy" did come into play, wouldnt everyone be using the same weapons in every round? But you can plainly see that doesnt happen.

Now here is what does happen: counterpicking. It would be really nice if you could change weapons mid-match to work around what your randomly picked squad has chosen and to counter what the other team is rocking. This happens in every shooter.

I fail to see how I would see new maps even less frequently, too. If it worked like every other shooter in existence, players would just vote on a pair of randomly selected maps and then play on that stage. You wouldnt be forced to choose from the entire stage selection, if thats what you're thinking, thats silly.
Here, I'll do it even one better: if you're worried that, of those paired map votes, that one still gets chosen less frequently than the rest, then just have it work like track selection does in Mario Kart 8. Being able to switch weapons and gear between rounds and matches removes any "surprise" people might have.

The devs should just come out and say it, these stage rules are just there to make the game more accessible to first time players. Dont BS me with this "strategy" nonsense.

Mon May 08 17 03:53pm
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To each their own I suppose. I have over 300 hours into Splatoon, I like the system the way it is, but I'm happy to see that they shortened the length of the stage rotation. Out of all the shooters I've played in the last few years, it's the one that I keep going back to.

(Apparently all the people on the Splatoon subreddit over the last couple years that discuss weapon and gear strategy for different map combinations must all be playing it wrong because "no one you know" ever changes up their play style. But either way, I'm not going to argue with you about it, because everyone has their own ways to play a game and their own opinions on how that game should play. Hopefully Splatoon 2 ends up having some other qualities that you enjoy. As for me, I'm happy they are just refining and tweaking the formula, because it all adds up to what I found endearing about the first game. Happy gaming, my friend!)

There might be strategy in ranked squad battles, but in unranked, where everyone else plays, there isnt. The teams you get matched up with and against randomly takes priority over the layout of the map. In these cases as well, if maps forced people to think up a better strategy, people would be using the same weapons every round. But they dont. Win or lose, they use what they like. In Unranked turf/Splatfests at least.

You've already compromised your strategy position on this anyway, seeing as how you think adding a third map would be fine, which would weaken any thought put into what weapon one should choose.

Wed May 10 17 04:44pm
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Makes sense I would see it this way as I played ranked a majority of the time (well after the first few months during which time I played a lot of turf.)

I'd also like to point out that not only did I say I was happy with the way it currently is in the original Splatoon, I also said that "I wouldn't mind" the idea of a 3rd stage. Not that I personally am asking for it, but know that others would enjoy it, so I'd be fine with it.

And let's not forget the fact that strategy can be planned for sets of 3 stages or the third maps wouldn't even have to join the more strategic ranked mode (seeing that ranked stages are already different from active turf stages, why couldn't there be fewer of them as well.)

But honestly, if you think my views are discredited and/or undermined, that's cool. I'm not here to change your mind on that or Splatoon. Like I said, you have your own opinions on what you like in games and how you personally approach games, and I have mine. What I'm saying is I like Splatoon the way it is but I'm open to tweaks. I love that the time was shortened, don't mind that there are
still only 2 stages at a time--but wouldn't mind the idea of a third stage added to the rotation (that's been an often requested feature by many since the first testfire of the original game.) I've spent a lot of time discussing weapon/gear stage strategy with a community of other people who are into that. I like the strategy aspect. On the other hand, I completely respect that you would like to see the game go in a different direction and that no one you know thinks about current stage strategy when they play. Our opinions and experiences can coexist.

Anyway! I hope I cleared up some misunderstandings with my original comments in this thread. Have fun! Hope you are into a fun game right now and having the time of your life!

Mon May 08 17 07:02am
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well no that's the point of the rotation and roll out, making sure players get to play most of the content.
annoying for +100h players but fairly great for -40h one. And yes those are and should be the point of making games

2 hours is too short, I won't have the impulse to check what is up now on a long afternoon....although it's true I rarerly stopped booting the wii u while checking.... I might never stop playing !

Mon May 08 17 07:11am
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This is lame. They needed to add more courses to the rotation, at least one more. Reducing the time that it changes isn't going to fix the issue. I usually play around an hour, so there's good chance I won't even see the rotation. Whereas adding a course immediately alleviates the issue.

Mon May 08 17 08:04am
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Should have had 3-4 maps then.Maybe 3 within two hours would be a sweet-spot. 4 Would be perfect. Wish at least we could choose a bit more. But we do get to choose weapons between matches, right? I love my roller, but I also love my NES Zapper Smile

Hope I get a little play time at home, but my conection out here in the Black Lodge is a bit unstable.

Step in the right direction. Personally I think two hour rotations with three maps would probably be the ideal balance of variety versus being small enough for players to learn/get in the groove with the maps and tailor their gear/weapon load-outs to that specific set, which is what Nintendo is going for.

(Although I think I read somewhere that Splatoon pre-loads its active maps, so the mostly unskippable Inkopolis News bits would have to be even longer to deal with having three For Fun stages and three For Glory stages queued up.)

Strongly oppose Map Voting. They gave us that chance during the Final Splatfest, and with it we managed to choose a selection of stages that included Kelp Dome. The Splatoon playerbase lacks the qualifications to exercise free will.

Agree with all of this. Happy to see the change to 2 hour rotations, wouldn't mind seeing them add a 3rd stage, like the overall variety stage rotation forces, and don't trust the idea of player-voting.

And you are correct about Inkopolis News being when the active stages load.

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