Unofficial Nintendo-themed restaurant "Baoser" opening in Portland, Oregon

- Nintendo-themed bao spot called Baoser
- opening on Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard in Portland, Oregon
- will be decorated "like Bowser's castle" from Super Mario Bros.
- bao are fluffed-up steamed buns folded like tacos around various fillings
- there will also be "Yoshi steak," a marinated flank steak with buns and sesame broccoli slaw, and broccoli puree
- will be open for lunch and late nights till 3 am, starting the last week of May

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Well that's a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Given NCL surprisingly lost the case against Maricar in Japan, I dunno if a lawsuit here would be anymore successful, especially if the design of the restaurant is too vague to be considered infringement.

I totally agree. In regards to the Japan lawsuit, I can only presume they have different laws because that Maricar, whatever it's called, is a blatant ripoff and probably safe to say they'd never be able to stay in business here in the US.

Hey I live in Portland. I'm checking this place out for sure!

Mon May 08 17 11:11pm
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Me too, I might have to stop by some times.
"A man who never eats pork buns is never a whole man!"

Tue May 09 17 01:00am
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if they get sued by nintendo, they can always just change things around and theme themselves after the guy from sha na na.

Do Bao places serve dessert? Possible Peach cobbler?

I once stopped at a Bao place in an airport, where they had some with a coconut cream filling. Don't know about peach cobbler, but if they can fit it into a Bao bun then... maybe?

I was trying to be clever and make a joke about Peach (as in the Princess) and cobbler was the first thing I thought of.
Since we are meandering off-topic, how is Bao? I have never tried it.

Tue May 09 17 05:03pm
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Oh... I get it now...

And Bao? It's not bad really. I actually enjoyed eating a stuffed bun, and it came in several flavors including meal flavors and desserts (the coconut dessert was the best). The filling wasn't super amazing, but it was still good (and it was airport food). If I could find a real restaurant that makes Bao, I'd definitely want to try some more.


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