E3 2017 - Another look at Nintendo's booth space (floor map)

It's also worth noting that Nintendo's booth is right next to Nvidia. I bet the two are happy to buddy up next to each other this year!

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Wait, is Microsoft not going?

They are in a different part of the building

Oh, whew. Thanks, I was worried for a bit there.

Yeah they could be using the South Hall, what with big guys like EA not using the building anymore.

Tue May 09 17 05:54pm
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They're in the South Hall with Bethesda, Bamco, WB, Capcom, Square-Enix, Activision, T2, etc.

The hype truly begins once photos of booth set up and non-descript crates leak out :P

Wed May 10 17 11:34pm
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The hype truly begins when the E3 bears are out when you're a veteran like me.

so nintendo is going to E'3 after all?

They always were going.

What made you think they were not going?

Probably the "not hosting large-scale press conference" thing.

But they've done that for years now, and they still appear at E3.

If not that then I have no clue what made DARKAZURA thinks Nintendo was skipping out on E3. Reggie already confirmed a few months ago that they'll have a "big E3" presence for Switch and 3DS.

Tue May 09 17 06:05pm
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That is what I was thinking, I remember reading something about them saying they are not hosting a traditional E3 Conference. But they have not done that for a few years`now, so I have been puzzled by why people were thinking they would not be at E3.

Unless you were living under a rock or in a cave somewhere for the last 5 years and just saw the article about no press conference at E3. I got nothing else. lol

Nvidia employees get first dibs on Super Mario Odyssey.

jason thompson
Tue May 09 17 05:45pm
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Sony and Nintendo are neighbors. Guess Sony can watch while everyone is crowding the Nintendo exhibits.

Nintendo & Sony have been in their same territory every year.

It's always fun hearing about the Nintendo people checking out the Sony booth and vice versa every year. Those little moments that make people think, "Maybe it's not a console war". It hasn't been a war for several years now :P

Last time I checked, war still involves spies being sent to check out the enemy's progress. ;0)

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