RiME's digital price drop will not happen in Australia

A bit of bad news for our Aussie friends. While we were happy to report that RiME would cost $30 on the eShop here in the states, it seems Australia isn't making the cut. The dev has confirmed that retail/digital pricing in Australia for the Switch version of RiME remains at $79.95AU.

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Wow that's steep. No purchase from me.

What the actual F*?!

$30US equals AU$80?!

Was looking forward to this... but that is a definite no buy from me.

Dude... that's like twice the USA price.... what the actual f***?

So, just register a foreign account then.

Now there's an idea.

Weird. I wonder if there are large taxes involved in the price? I know prices for goods and services aren't directly linked to the forex market but 1 USD only equals 1.36 AUD.

That's just disgusting... I'm definitely not paying that. There is something seriously wrong with these devs...

Outside of USA, Canada and UK everyone gets really screwed with nintendo prices, a switch is like 600 usd in my country (oddly... a game is like 62 usd)


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