GoNintendo Video - I got a mystery package from McDonald's and Nintendo

The other day on Twitter, McDonald's asked me to DM them. I had absolutely no idea why they reached out! After a bit of discussion, they wanted to send me a surprise package. The package arrived today, and I've put together an unboxing video to let you see what was inside!

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Man I wish I had your problems.

Are those free happy meals going to be given away tomorrow? Many college students would love those.

That Werryo keychain was sweet.

Fri May 12 17 09:01pm
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Fri May 12 17 09:28pm
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I realized that was one of you liveliest recent video... In a lot of your video reviews you sound tired... I actually stopped watching some because of the tone and the fact you apologies for you opinion 2/3rd the time of the video... Maybe you record you video too late and it would be better to do it sooner in the day like this one?

Anyway, the Wario and Star Mario are probably the best ones you got, but I'm disappointed there was not even a chance for a Waluigi toy. Sad

[EDIT] Ahhh... I'm conflicted. I'm against editing my post to change what was posted, but I really written it all like shit. Ok, That first part was supposed to sound worried, not snarky/dickish... I should have put a ! instead of the ... at the end of the first sentence. Also, I meant that I had to stop watching some videos because I was too worried about his tiredness... and the apologizing comment is in support of this, as I believe some people have a tendency to belittle themselves more when tired (I'm like that too).
Sorry if my comment angered or hurt anyone. It wasn't the intention.

Maybe you should do your comments earlier in the day, so you don't sound like such a dick.

I didn't want to sound like a jerk... I'm sorry... I meant it as a compliment... I agree though that using a snarky tone it does sounds cruel. Sad It's sad that the tone of voice doesn't translate in text.
The fact he sounds tired in his video actually make me worry too much, and that's why I had to stop watching them.
Again sorry... I never thought I would make anybody angry with my comment. T-T

For what it's worth, I didn't think it sounded dickish, and I think RMC would be the last person to read it like that.

Sat May 13 17 01:28am
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I just asked for a toy with my meal, and they just gave me one. I think I did it before when they did Mario Kart 8. And I got the Star Powered Mario that lights up different colors, seems like all I need.

Lucky! The one in front of my house still only have smurf toys.

Sat May 13 17 12:23pm
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RMC, I love you for finally saying Mario instead of Mary-o!

It actually makes me wonder why you do say Mary-o but not Wary-o

I say Marry-o and Warry-o

Not Maw-rio or Waw-rio - which I hear more North Americans say.

Hm, I often have trouble understanding which exact pronunciations English speaker mean when they write them out, so I might be mistaken here, but isn't "Maw-rio" the way it's supposed to be pronounced? Or at least, as closely as an English-speaking person with an accent can get anyway

Say "marry" - like "I want to marry that person" - and add "o" at the end. That's Marry-o, Not Mary-o

Mary is pronounced different to Marry. Smile

Say "Maw" like "Saw", and add "rio" - like the City in Brazil. That's Maw-rio.

Devils advocate - I work with an Italian named Mario and he doesn't pronounce it Maw-rio. He says "Marry-o"

I've only ever heard North Americans pronounce it like that.

On this side of the Atlantic I've always heard it as Marry-o. Which is how Charles Martinet says it in the games.

The difference is the pronounciation of the letter A sound in the word.

The way RMC said Mario first in the video is how I say it and how I hear Charles Martinet say it, and how a genuine Italian says it. When he "corrected" his pronunciation to "Maw-rio" that to me sounds wrong.

Sat May 13 17 07:14pm
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On this side of the Atlantic I've always heard it as Marry-o. Which is how Charles Martinet says it in the games.
What? See, this is where the issues start again. In no way can I conceive that the way Mario says his own name is Marry-o.

And my best friend is Italian. His grandfather's name is coincidentally Mario. [That sounds too convenient to be true, but it is!]
And it's definitely not pronounced Marry-o

I'll see if I can get a voice clip from my Italian friend

I've just realised we're debating the pronunciation of a word - and it's really kinda stupid and silly Smile

As long as no one says May-rye-o.

Curious, is your friend Italian or "Italian" as in he has Italian heritage but was born and raised elsewhere?

The Italian I know, named Mario, was born and raised in Italy and only moved to Ireland in the last few years for work.

He's born and raised Italian and I go on vacation to his house every summer.

Well, I try anyway. This year I can't make it, for example

Man, after this, Arby's, and Dominos, it seems like the fast foost people are really going after the gamer demographic. It's probably a wise move, too.

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