Switch - Firmware update 2.3.0 available

Version 2.3.0

- General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience

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That Toad doesn't look very stable... I hope Nintendo is planning to release more stability patches in the future.

In all seriousness, this might fix the "ghost " hitting people's screenshot buttons

It downloaded and installed in two seconds.
I never had the issue myself, but I hope it fixed the random screenshot issue.

Will this finally fix the awful wifi signal, or will it be ignored yet again? Seriously, it shouldn't be that hard to make the switch play nice with 2.4GHZ Routers...

Probably a hardware problem, not software... Therefore won't be fixed in an update

Nintendo might not be the kings of online, but I think they would have tested something that basic for their new console.

Then again, look at the Joy Con issues that can't stay connected. Thats even more basic of a function than Wi-Fi

My Switch is magical. I don't have these issues. But at least we know where that problem comes from. The WiFi is still unkown, or?

It's the stupidest hardware problem of all time if it's true then. I called NOA Support and they told me it's likely something that the guys in Japan would have to fix via an update, since it's a problem with every switch at market (at least the launch batch.) I was able to connect to a local bowling alley at max strength with no problems at all yet if I try to connect to my home Wifi the Switch never reaches 2 bars unless I go downstairs to the room my router is in, and none of my other consoles suffer from this problem. Considering how I've seen a plentiful amount of people on GN, Reddit and Gamefaqs suffer the same Wifi problem if they have a 2.4GHZ router like me, this is a pretty major system flaw that I'm still disgusted major news sites chose to ignore.

And of course, I installed the update and it did absolutely nothing, as always... Getting pretty agitated with this thing.

lol what's the origin of that gif?

Does this make the kickstand more sturdy?

Oh what is the point of patch notes from Nintendo?

I wonder if they fixed the exploit I reported via hackerone. I'll be disappointed if true since they replied back saying that I wasn't eligible for any money for reporting it. :'(


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