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- when selecting arms, pay attention to weight. Strong arms are powerful and slow. If your arm is of the same weight or heavier, you can block punches. 7 different attributes for arms, which kick in after charging up. Fire, electricity, wind, ice, stun, explosion, blind.
- Springman has a dash shockwave he can use once charged. Toaster, boomerang and tribolt are his signature arms.
- Mechanica has a hovering function and high durability. Revolver, whammer and homie attributes.
- Ninjara has quick speed, disappear and warp. Chakram, buff and triblast signature arms.

- Master Mummy won't budge when hit and his bandages restore health. Megaton, retorcher and phoenix attributes.
- Kid Cobra can charge up and then quick-dash. Slamamander, hydra and coolerang attributes.
- Fight mode has bombs and healing items dropped in
- Team Fight has two players chained together by strings and you can hurt your teammate
- B-Ball has you batting an explosive ball back and forth over a net
- Hoops is basketball where you can grab your opponent and put them through the net
- Skillshot has you punching targets
- 1-on-100 has you punching enemies that appear in the arena
- ARMS Test lets you try out combinations and training mode lets you try drills
- Earn in-game prize money and use that at the Arm Getter to unlock new arm attributes. Duplicate arms you receive get a higher attack power.
- Ribbon Girl can mid-air jump multiple times and drop quickly from above. Sparky, popper and slapamander attributes.
- Min Min is a martial arts master and can knock down punches with a spin-kick, dragon arm can fire out a laser. Dragon, megawatt and Ram Ram attributes.

- Helix has a stretchy body. He can move in unpredictable ways. Blorb, ice dragon and guardian attributes.
- Byte and Barq. Byte is a patrol robot and Barq is his robotic dog. The two fight in a pair. Barq distracts opponents and fills in as a launchpad for Byte. Have a double-team special move. Seekie, Cracker and Bubb attributes.
- Twintelle is an A-list movie star. Fights with her pigtails. Slow down opponents punches while charging. Chilla, Parasol an Thunderbird attributes.
- Grand Prix is fighting 10 straight matches with different rules until you come to the last opponent.
- Party Match is played online, join up to 20 players in a lobby for 2, 3 or 4 player matches. Divide players into groups automatically and play all different modes.
- Ranked Match has one-on-one matches. If you win, your rank goes up. If you lose, your rank drops. Play another mode while you wait to find a ranked match.
- Local multplayer supports local wireless. Create a lobby for up to 8 players with 8 systems.
- free updates with fighters, stages and arms coming after launch
- ARMS Global Testpunch coming, starting May 26th.

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The commentator is kinda funny this time.

Damn. No actual demo....

This is what I expected from them if we were going to get a demo, so I'm satisfied. At least they have quite a few dates.

Would have been kinda fun to test out one fighter and one mode offline though. Oh well...I'll get this later o.

You spoke too soon. Haha.

It's a testpunch, not a demo I can play offline. So not an actual demo, if you ask me.

It's something that you are trying before buying.

When you CAN try it and only for online. It's a server test, not that much of a normal (actual) demo. But well, I'm downloading it.

That was cool. And free DLC is never a bad thing.

kaiser gx
Wed May 17 17 06:28pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

Well I think he mean an actual demo, not a testfire. I didn't even get to play Splatoon 2 because I had stuff to do that weekend. I wish they'd release an actual demo so I can play and get a feel for it without worrying about it ending soon. You know like practice alone by myself without having to be dropped in with others online. I never played Splatoon or ARMS and I'm not really interested in either game but I wanted to see if I would feel different after playing it. I guess I'll make sure to catch the testfire this time even though I'm moving the day the first testfire begins.

This pretty much describes my situation too. I wanted to try the Splatoon Testfire, but I wasn't available that weekend. I'm also a bit eh about immediately being dropped in the game with other players online.
What would've been ideal is if it were an offline demo with an online part that opens up during Testfire hours, so people who want it can still try out the online in the same way they did last time around.

I had hoped they'd do this for ARMS, but too bad

Twintelle is perfect! PERFECT! She'll definitely be my main character.

Also, Callie turned to the dark side?! For eel?!

For eel. FOR EEL!

Looks like a great single player on this one. First wasn't bad either.

A Splatoon 2 bundle?

(With TLOZ: BOTW but with limited Free online IT will be Splatoon 2 everyday till paid online is starting)!

Wed May 17 17 06:50pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

So single player in ARMS is almost non existant. I really hate how Nintendo is releasing games that can really only be enjoyed in multiplayer until Mario (or hopefully xenoblade) is out just to give more value to paid online.

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