Europe getting Splatoon 2 Switch bundle and accessories

Splatoon 2 bundle and accessories: Nintendo also announced the following Splatoon 2 products:

Nintendo Switch console (neon blue/neon red) with Splatoon 2 download code, launching 21st July
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Splatoon 2 Edition, with neon pink and neon green grips and an ink-splat design, launching 21st July
Nintendo Switch Carrying Case (Splatoon 2 Edition) & Screen Protector, decked out with in-game iconography and neon pink and neon green zips, launching 21st July
Joy-Con Pair (Neon Green/Neon Pink), launching autumn 2017


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I can see these being announced later on by NOA. Probably in the press release or at E3.

I can see these being announced later on by NOA. Probably in the press release or at E3.

Wed May 17 17 07:07pm
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I didn't have a Pro controller yet, but had the money right there set aside for one, just so my bro and me can play MK8D online without having to share the two Joycon (it works ok, but it's not the most comfortable solution at home). My purchase was imminent but now that they announced THIS Pro Controller, I will just wait till July and the release of Splatoon 2 to get meself that sweet coloured Pro Controller Smile. So glad I didn't rush out to buy one.

Yaaay, we made RMC jelly of the European underdog haha

(too bad there's -still- that Online Tax not too far away in the future...)

In case of Nintendo, Europe isn't, in one case, the underdog.

I will grab most likely the Controller and the case if they produce more than 5 units for each.

Well, I was referring to release dates in general. In the past few years, Nintendo games have been used to reach out Europe as the very last/tied geographical area of the list (or, in the case of HAL, sometimes downright skipped). Of course, I get that this has (mostly) to do with the PAL5 localization stuff, but it's there nonetheless.

Last time I remember Europe getting Ninty games first was with the Mario Strikers titles! With my country being soccer-obsessed it was kind of expected, too...

Why wouldn't the bundle come with the neon green and neon pink joy con?

So it comes with a download code. Why not physical? The game cases aren't that big, you can probably fit one in that box.

Wed May 17 17 08:04pm
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Probably because they're a tall waste of plastic, considering how they only contain a small card that's the size of a Vita game with not much else included. We'd probably get more pack-ins if the boxes were smaller like most other handhelds, and if they were cheaper. Of course if these came with a manual it would be a different story, but since it's literally plastic that's being sacrificed here, I don't think the lack of a physical copy is something to worry about.

Normally I'm not jealous of these things, but... NOE/NCL, I really hope you make a right green Joy-Con, as I've wanted a green Nintendo controller for YEARS now, and I refuse to import an ugly mismatched color combo. After all, they did it for the Neon Joycon colors, so there shouldn't be any problems with all Green/all Pink joycons, right? Seriously, if they make a green joycon pair I'll import those ASAP.

If I didn't already own 4 joy-cons I would get this. However I may have to double dip and get that pro controller if it comes stateside.

Aaaah yessss. Once these get announced for USA I'll have 4 different sets of Joy-Cons and 2 different Pro controllers.

It has been my intention to have a red, blue, yellow, and green joycon. I may have to import one of those green ones from Europe if they don't release it in North America.

Gotta get that Pro Controller. For my extra JoyCons, I'll probably get the ARMS Yellow ones.

Why the jealousy? I'm sure it won't cost that much extra to order them from Europe to the USA.

A Splatoon 2 bundle?
(With TLOZ: BOTW but with limited Free online IT will be Splatoon 2 everyday till paid online is starting)!

Can't wait to do the singleplayer and color in the whole world!
(Serious, I am gonna paint every freaking corner I can)

Callie the coolest squid sister, so I'm totally saving her from the octarians!

I will get every Neon Color and Pro Color, so, yeah, I am getting these. ^^ So glad the Pro Controller is getting some nice variations. I love how it looks, silly as it is. XD

Strange btw that the Japanese and European bundles have different coloured joycons.

That's pretty freaking sweet. I wish there was a cool bundle like this at launch.

What are the chances they sell the joycon colors separately but in matching sets? I would love two green ones..


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