Nintendies promo video showcases more Switch eShop releases - Owlboy, Cat Quest, Nine Parchments & more

Below are all the games showcased in the video above...

- RiME
- Snake Pass
- World of Goo
- Overcooked: Special Edition
- Battle Sports Mekuru
- Thumper
- Steamworld Dig 2
- Shovel Knight
- Owlboy
- Cat Quest
- Human Resource Machine
- de Mambo
- Dusty Raging Fist
- Graceful Explosion Machine
- Has-Been Heroes
- BackSlaash
- Kingdom Two Crouns
- Lost Future Omega
- Mr. Shifty
- Kamiko
- Runner3
- She Remembered Catepillars
- Wargroove
- Wonder Boy: The Dragons Trap
- Cave Store+
- Hollow Knight
- Maison de Maou
- Little Inferno
- Mighty Gunvolt Burst
- Chuudoku Puzzle Levels
- Nine Parchments

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I legit forgot Owlboy was confirmed for Switch. Now I'm conflicted on if I should wait on the Switch release (the dev took a lot of inspiration from Nintendo titles, and the ability to play anywhere is a major bonus) or just give in and get it for $13 on the current Humble Bundle.

Thu May 18 17 10:46pm
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I'm not sure it had previously been confirmed for Switch. My evidence is that I don't remember seeing it, so no actual evidence, but there's at least one other game on that list I don't recall seeing confirmed for Switch (YIIK), so I think this might be the confirmation for some of them.

I saw it on Twitter, but I'm not sure it spread outside of Twitterverse.

Now I'm conflicted on if I should wait on the Switch release

I find that there is little to any reason to get any Indie on anything but Switch. The portability will allow you to play it more often instead of being tied to your PC.

Same here. I'm sure Thumper is amazing in PSVR but that's such a singular, at home, closed off experience.
On the go, on the train, taking it with me with my headphones on is just as amazing if not moreso.

Nice! I'm definitely getting Owl Boy on Switch. Taking Nindies with me on the go really makes it worth the purchase.

Say what you will about the Wii U era but one incredibly smart thing that Nintendo did during that time was heavily invest in indie developers and the decision seems to be paying out in spades.

Nice, YIIK is coming over.
Great lineup, wish these announcements got a little more care.


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