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Fri May 19 17 01:14am
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Any reason why you have to post the ending of the game a day before it comes out>?

Fri May 19 17 01:14am
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Any reason why you have to post the ending of the game a day before it comes out>?

Seriously. Pissed that the video even exists.

You don't have to click on it.

Fri May 19 17 02:18pm
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If it was available after the game released, that would be one thing. But the game isn't even out yet. The lack of respect towards the game and it's devs is what bothers me. It's no different from posting Luke Skywalker's death on YouTube two days before The Last Jedi comes out.

There are no spoilers in the title or thumbnail. You don't have to click on the video at all. There is no problem here.

I'm seriously curious too. I don't know why anyone who has an interest in the game would want to see the ending of it at midnight on release date.

The only guess I can come up with is reviewers have had their copies for a while now... But that shouldn't make them oblivious to every other regular joe who is just starting later today.

Fri May 19 17 03:03am
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Because GameXplain wants to be FIRST

No one is making a regular joe click on it.

FYI i think everyone is pretty clear that internet videos are never mandatory.

Also I now wonder if videos like these are just for people to just review the localization so the can complain at their leisure.

Hey, no one is making you click on it.

Fri May 19 17 01:31am
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Jesus let people open the DS first

Oh, sure, I referred to parts of chapter 2 in bravely default on GN a couple months after the game was released and I got yelled at but this is okay.

HEY. I haven't played Bravely Default yet and had no idea there was a chapter 2. Thanks for the spoilers, Mr Spoilerperson!

Fri May 19 17 11:35pm
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ITT: People saying "you don't have to click/watch the video".

Not the point. Everyone is aware. It is a question of why this exists and is posted right now. Who is the audience for this? Who watches the ending for a story-based RPG type game before/day of release?


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