Destiny 2 "pretty unrealistic" for Switch due to online-only aspect

Coming from an IGN interview with project lead Mark Noseworthy...

"No announcements to make about the Switch at this time. I think it's pretty unrealistic, given we're an online-only game, right? The Switch, because it's a portable - and I love my Switch, I've got Breath of the Wild here, I've got it with me. It's incredible, I love the console, but in terms of where it's at, I don't want leave anyone with the possibility of, like, 'it's a thing we'll consider, maybe next year.' There's no plans right now for Switch."

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I'm not a potential customer, but that excuse doesn't make any sense at all.

I'm not a potential customer, but that excuse doesn't make any sense at all.

Exactly... It does online Via Wifi, Ethernet adaptor or even tethered to a phone. Heck, if they wanted to ensure the best connection possible they could just make you have to play it in docked mode as it's been shown that you're allowed to make games that only work in one mode, like that one rhythm game that only works in portable mode.

Makes sense. Can't have them all.

You know what else is pretty unrealistic? Me caring about Destiny 2.

Fri May 19 17 02:59pm
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Now tell "pretty unrealistic" to Dragon Quest X and the Monster Hunter Frontier G series.

Also always-online. Available on Nintendo tech.
(Only in Japan, though...)

Fri May 19 17 03:00pm
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I figured this was going to be the case. That being said, there are plenty of people who don't take the system with them everywhere they go and it turns out to be just a "move to different rooms in your house" sort of thing, so you would never really be offline.

One other point of argument is that most places you'll take your Switch you will have an internet connection there, and you could make it clear that the game only runs online (I think most people buying it would already understand this).

I'll probably be playing Destiny 2 on the PC, but I would love to at least see a Switch version.

Fri May 19 17 03:02pm
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I can imagine his concerns are due to the unreliability of an internet connection while out and about (considering the Switch only has WiFi), but the thing is that the Switch has the option of being a home console while potentially becoming more ubiquitous than the PS4 or Xbone in time, due to its portability. And on top of that, its online is even cheaper than that of Sony or Microsoft's offerings.

I personally think they'd be missing out on a big market by not bringing the game to Switch, even though I personally have no interest in it. To me, Destiny always just seemed like a knock-off of Firefall.

... I miss that game.

This literally makes no sense. Guess it's just money saved for me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Losers.

Personally, I always enjoyed the "Now I can catch up on all my backlog!" of the Wii U era.

Haha I honestly 100% agree. That's how I've always justified never actually caring that much about A TON of games I feel the need to buy. But I just hate the excuse used in this article. The console CAN be played as a handheld is not that same as it IS a handheld.

That's fine. Destiny was too expensive to buy at launch and then all the DLC.
Instead... Bungie can see in a year or two how millions of millions of switches have been sold, realize they're leaving money on the table, and then release the latest definitive version with whatever dlc and swirch owners save some money in the long run

Have Nintendo fans finally decided to start buying 3rd party games? Otherwise, I totally understand why 3rd party devs would leave their AAA titles off the Switch. More of us need to start opening our wallets if we want these games.

Can't buy what isn't there.

I hope they'll start coming soon. After the Wii U it is understandable why they've been taking a "wait and see" approach.

Makes perfect sense. If you're taking the Switch on the go, you're not going to have a constant and stable internet connection.

But I also think this reasoning is just tying to appease the rapid Nintendo FanDogs who go ape at any third party who doesn't bring their game to a Nintendo platform because they somehow feel entitled and know more about game and software development and running a business than they do.

I get that feeling as well, especially considering how immature some people got when The Disney Afternoon Collection skipped the switch, portbegging like mad and going "We DESERVE this game as the NES was owned by Nintendo!", acting as if the lack of a port was due to Capcom hating Nintendo or something dumb along those lines. (when it simply was in development before the Switch was announced, and publishing was managed by Capcom USA and not the JPN Capcom that seems to be overly eager to support switch)

Needless to say, as someone with multiple systems seeing obnoxious port-begging spam on everything that had to do with the game got annoying REAL quick, especially when some Nintendo owners went as far as to say that PS/Xbox owners don't need the DAC because "they only play FPS games", which is the most childish generalization I've heard of next to "Fans of achievement systems brag a lot." More games won't hurt switch, but I can also see the reasoning of the devs here.

This is exactly the reason why I don't think overwatch or any major Western-developed MMOs will come to the system. (or many Japanese ones for that matter) Whether anyone likes it or not, the Switch is just a powerful handheld with a TV-Out feature, and considering the weak strength of the wifi signal to begin with, it's understandable why an online focused game wouldn't be coming to a system that barely has good online to begin with, let alone one that would make the game unplayable if you did it away from an internet place. People may think the guy is just being dumb but honestly it's a legitimate reason IMO

Agreed Smile

And if you REALLY want to play Destiny 2 on Switch just wait for Rainway App and get Destiny 2 on PC ;-)

Side note: The metric of people using Rainway when it comes out will be very interesting for third parties and Nintendo to see how many people actually want to play Game X on Switch.

Nintendo has already sealed the Switch's fate as a "+1" console, i.e. "I have my PS4 for Destiny 2, and my switch so my daughter can play Pretty Pony Princess 4."

That really sucks. I would like to play this game. Nintendo, WHY do you STILL SUCK at wooing 3rd party AAA games?? You will never learn.

His comment comes acoss as pretty narrow minded about the current state of portables and smart devices. If Activison Blizzard wasn't busy spending billions of dollars trying to break into the mobile market they would be trying to cultivate an audience that's already used to microtransactions and always online mobile games.

But just like the Wii that audience is "too casual" for real games and they'll continue losing out on millions of dollars.

Just make it only play on the TV screen. I mean, Nintendo has let developers know they can make their games portable-only, right? I don't see how a TV screen-only wouldn't be an option.

Sat May 20 17 02:34pm
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and a +1 console at 340euros...not gonna happen nintendo sorry.

for the record I am beginning to realize that I would have been TOTALLY satisfied if the console just sent a wireless signal to the TV at 720p and USE the 2nd screen like the wiiu.

...and the game slot to have been the size of a 3DS...with full BC of course (bison style)

Sat May 20 17 03:52pm
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Or they could port it and make it clear that you need an internet connection to play the game just like with any other version of the game?

I mean it's a legitimate thought, but has an easily solution. Let it be known: "This game requires an internet connection to play." The same already goes for gamers who game on any platform but don't have an internet connection (or suitable speeds) that want to play this game.

Sat May 20 17 04:09pm
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Destiny 2 being a decent game is "Pretty unrealistic".

Bungie has made a career out of developing nothing but mediocre games that just happen to fill a void on platforms that desperately needed an identity and now that they're big-time Destiny doesn't even have that going for it. It's just a mediocre, uninspired game with possibly the worst written and told story in the history of fiction (somehow even eclipsing FF13) and they can keep it.

That's the crappiest excuse I've ever heard!

How about you releasing the game on Switch and let ME worry about my internet connection?
Of course, what you said was an excuse and the real reason is that the Switch can't run it. But you couldn't say that easily because you could ruin the console's momentum and you want to have the door open for future projects or maybe Activision told you to lie because they would want their CoD games to have a shot at the system.

i am pretty sure the real reason is the lack of proper online infrastructure the other companies offer (along with their 60$ yearly fee) and we know that nintendo's online offerings have always been...severely lacking.

I don't think that is the case. All the game does is "Connect online and play. And send an invitation" like any other game and these can be done on Nintendo network.

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