Rainway app dev shares prototype footage, talks Switch plans, requirements and more

- everything is on track for Switch release
- internet connection is a constant requirement
- easy to make per-game button configs
- plan to expand Rainway past just game streaming
- will require your PC to be logged in
- local input lag is between 2-3ms frames
- remote rumble is currently supported

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Looking forward to trying this out streaming games from my GTX1080 to my Switch.

The constant internet connection is a bit strange and shouldn't be a requirement - it's not for Steam Home Streaming.

I wonder if the touch interface will work as mouse input.

Maybe they meant constant wireless connection?

No they mean an actual internet connection, not just LAN. They didn't say this is for the Beta so maybe it's just to be able to gather data from beta users. I'd be surprised if an "offline" mode doesn't come too.

They may be talking about the web browser version...

I'm still confused on if this can even be done. If it can, I hope it has mac support, and doesn't make the switch overheat like my laptop

Fri May 19 17 04:02pm
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Why wouldn't it?

They are planning Mac support too.

I can stream using Stream from my PC to old MacBook which is much lower powered than my Switch.

It shouldn't have much stress on the Switch hardware - all it's doing is effectively playing the video output, it's not doing any of the heavy lifting. Switch should run cooler than if you were playing any game.

Reminds me of the good ol' OnLive days.

OnLive streamed over the Internet from a Games as a Service subscription.

This steams the game from your PC over your LAN. You have to own the game on your PC first.

This is the equivalent of Steam Home Streaming or Steam Link, except it will be an App coming to consoles.


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