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Pikmin types/abilities

– Red: Strong against fire and can move on fiery places
– Yellow: Strong against electricity and doesn’t get paralyzed; can also fly high when thrown
– Blue: Strong against water and useful in underwater explorations
– Winged: Can fly with its feathers; multiple winged Pikmin can allow Olimar to fly
– Rock: Can destroy hard objects


- Captain Olimar is still the protagonist
- Olimar’s rocket was hit by a meteorite swarm while he was warping back home, and it fell towards a certain planet
- he meets Pikmin on this planet and tries to collect 30,000 kilas for rocket fuel so they can escape


- touch the whistle button to call Pikmin
- press the jetpack button to hover
- touching anywhere else on the lower screen lets you throw Pikmin to the specified location


- thrown Pikmin will aid you in defeating enemies as well as solving puzzles
- Pikmin also carry treasure to Olimar when they are in a position that he cannot reach
- for example, the Pikmin can collect a Harmonic Monica that’s worth 400 kilas


- eight areas in total
- each of which has four blocks (term for levels)
- additional hidden block in each world
- one boss block per world
- when a block is cleared, another block is unlocked
- scanning the Pikmin amiibo will let player call Pikmin anytime

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