Monster Hunter XX confirmed for Switch

Well there you go, gang. It's now 100% official. Monster Hunter XX is going to see release on Switch. We don't have release date or pricing info, but it's indeed on the way. More info is coming this Saturday, during the Monster Hunter Championship 2017 event.


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Thu May 25 17 09:48pm
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Hooray for HD Monster Hunter!

Seems like this could have been a big E3 announcement, but I'm glad we know for sure it's coming!

Doubt it would be TOO big, since this is a Japanese announcement more than an E3 (which is generally NA focused) announcement. But even so, this would be a cool announcement, but huge? not for a 3DS port.

Fri May 26 17 03:34am
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Monster Hunter on Switch is huge, port or not.

No way a Monster Hunter game could be announced first at a western event.

They probably announced it now (at the MH World Championships) so that they could talk about it at E3

Could have been done during Nintendo's E3 direct and been simultaneous worldwide, but yeah, that makes sense.

Will it be all shiny and HD?

Of course, that would be the point of it. Just hope it doesn't suffer from frame rate issues (albeit minor) like 3U did.

Wow. This is going to be huge in Japan. The Switch has a bright future!

No more competition in Japan. Especially when Pokemon and Yokai Watch come out.

If Pokemon even comes to the Switch. I think they're going to stay on the 3DS for a little bit longer. Yokai Watch might be on a break since sales aren't as good as before.

Thu May 25 17 09:45pm
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Nintendo would be stupid not to put it on the Switch. Especially since Sun and Moon kinda run bad on the 3DS.

They lag slightly in cluttered battles. That's it. They don't "run bad".

There are more 3DS systems out there. It's better to put a game on there than a Switch.

Personally, I think it would be smarter to put a the hypothetical Stars on Switch. Not only would it help boost Switch sales, but... well, I don't know about you... but I no longer see the point in making a third game and putting it on the same system as the first two, especially if it's just a minor update of the previous titles. I mean, was there ever a point to Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum, etc. besides trying to milk a generation for more money? If they're actually going to make a third game, they could at least put it on the Switch, where Sun and Moon aren't already playable.

The Pokemon Company has to agree with it tho. I can most likely see them making a cross game: a 3DS and a Switch version (just like this game!)

But wouldn't putting the hypothetical Stars version on Switch make it a cross game?

Thu May 25 17 11:24pm
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I meant a cross-gen game. This is the first time GameFreak has to deal with having to make a third version while the new handheld is non-backwards compatible .

They are doing this with the upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors, so I wouldn't rule out the possibility of a Pokémon Stars for both systems.

Don't forget Splatoon 2!

Monster Hunter, Pokémon, Splatoon, Yokai Watch, and Dragon Quest. Nintendo is not screwing around with this console in Japan!

Thu May 25 17 09:38pm
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I might finally buy a Monster Hunter now! I will never understand their awful trend of releasing such massive and large games like Monster Hunter on a small, less powerful portable like the 3DS.

Thu May 25 17 09:45pm
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You obviously never attend too many conventions. It's an impressive gathering getter.

It's called sales lol. MH on PS2 sold a couple 100K. They put it on PSP and it eventually became a multimillion seller (over 4M in fact). MH on 3DS kept sales of about 3-4M. MH goes on portables. Thankfully the Switch is a portable AND powerful, so you get your wish.

Thu May 25 17 11:19pm
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As a prior comment points out, the popularity is mostly concentrated on portable entries -- though that is not exactly the whole story.

For those unfamiliar with the series, Monster Hunter games have a tendency to recycle a lot of their assets: animations, textures, hitboxes, enemy and character models. Not just *within* the game but across games. Some of them have literally been in constant use dating back to the original game.

Creating new assets from scratch would be super costly for them, and PS2-era assets tend to not look so good on stronger hardware, so they tend to prefer lower spec machines to better hide the age.

This why even when Tri chose to forgo portables in its initial release, it wound up on the Wii. Capcom really did not want to release the series in HD if they could avoid it.

Whaaaa!? Where did this come from? Not expecting that...but I'll def take it!

This will be coming out when Nintendo's online is pay2play, so there's that minor gripe. Other than that what a surprise! I wonder when we'll end up getting it though since I wonder if it'll clash with Stories. Perhaps Nintendo is paying to have this done just like how they did with 3U? At least that's my understanding of how that version was made.

When it gets a western release date I will be excited, for now though this is good news.

All you really have to hope for is that there are English subtitles cause then you can download it from the Japanese e-shop. Switch being region free and all.

Don't the Japanese Monster Hunter games have monthly fees or did they finally get rid of those in Japan too.

Fri May 26 17 02:40am
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They've never had monthly fees. There's an MMO series called Freedom that has fees.

Actually, monster hunter Tri required a monthly fee to play in Japan, purchasable with Wii points.

Pretty sure that MH3 on Wii had monthly fees only in Japan.

I'm 100% convinced that the japanese release WON'T have english subtitles, because Capcom USA is really bad at getting things done.

You know deep down I'm afraid to say it, but you are probably right.

I'm betting on e3. They aren't going to release the RPG spin off without this coming to the west as soon as they can muster it.

Awesome! That just came out of nowhere! I know the Switch is region free but I do hope we get an official NA release. Seems like they probably should have saved it for Nintendo's Spotlight but hey I ain't complaining! MONSTER HUNTER WOOO!!!

Wow, the CEO of Capcom has a great poker face: the comments posted earlier today on this site made no hint this was in the works. Very cool! I'm not into Monster Hunter but this is only a good thing. Japan is now on lock.

Well then, I guess Nintendo just won this generation in Japan then. :P

It'll probably still look ugly, since Monster Hunter has yet to try in the visual aspects (not that it matters since it's monster hunter).

That's almost a guarantee. But yea, it's MH and the first on Switch so I'll be there. 3 Ultimate was still incredibly ugly in some areas.

Heck yes! Hopefully this comes west and is a sign that MH5 will come in a year or two.

Okay, so this is essentially, as I see it, confirmation that XX 3DS will not be seeing an International release, but the Switch version likely will. It makes sense, and can go with the "ultimate" branding they've had a tendency to put on the enhanced versions when they come west.

Most definitely looking forward to it. With this and MH Stories, this will be a good year+.

Why couldn't both be released simultaneously?
Who knows, it might have the sort of crossplay that the Wii U/3DS had with 3 Ultimate.
As for the title, yeah, I think they'll go with "Generations Ultimate"

You have a point, I did forget about how they had 3U on Wii U and 3DS. Hopefully if there is crossplay, it'll be less convoluted than with 3U, though, because that was sort of a pain.

Definitely super excited here, though.

If they make it like 3U that you can play the multiplayer locally with the 3DS version it would be really great.

Welcome home, Monster Hunter. (; . ;)

Well, it's graphically going to basically look like a slightly upressed 3DS game, I'm sure. Because I don't foresee them basically re-doing all the assets for HD.

If a lot of MH fans don't care about graphical quality, then this is a great move. I'm just saying, don't expect TOO much "HD" from your MH HD.

3 Ultimate on Wii U looked good

Fri May 26 17 12:24am
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After the bullshit statement from earlier too, lol. I KNEW it.

The only question is...when can I preorder?

Fri May 26 17 12:52am
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And Nintendo now owns Japan

Fri May 26 17 01:42am
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Thank you internet fortune tellers. I held off on buying X, despite my interest, for such an outcome.

All the preigress you make in X is transferable to XX, so the people who are already playing X will be able to start immediately in G rank with all their equipment and items.

Fri May 26 17 02:11am
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There is only one thing that can be said is a situation like this:

Sorry, I don't know how to embed video.

Fri May 26 17 11:07am
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There might be more to it, but I believe all you have to do is put the URL for the video in between [youtube][/youtube] tags.

Hope that helps, my friend!

Sun May 28 17 12:40am
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It worked. Thank you and elfteiroh!

Fri May 26 17 11:39pm
(Updated 4 times)

embeded it in the spoilers. It's really just like DDark said.

I'm happy. However, I will be happier if they do a localization. Please!

Isn't the championship event saturday in Japan? For me anyway, that makes it tomorrow early evening.

Expectable, now Switch is immortal!


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