Platinum teases their Switch title, say it'll be "interesting"

Coming from a Famitsu interview with Platinum Games Head Producer Atsushi Inaba...

F: How’s the compatibility with Platinum Games?

AI: “I think it’s good. We’ve also already declared we’re going to participate. During the announcement event of Nintendo Switch, there’s the Platinum Games logo showing up secretly.’

F: Is something happening?

AI: "We’re creating it, you know. I think it’s going to be interesting.”

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Tue May 30 17 12:49pm
Rating: 4

Personally I'd love a sequel to Star Fox Zero.

Tue May 30 17 07:22am
Rating: 1

I don't always love their stuff (not the typical picks, btw) but I always look forward to seeing what they're doing next.

I Think it's safe to say that ANYTHING platinum games does is at very least "interesting".

Tue May 30 17 07:57am
Rating: 2

I'm definitely looking forward to this. I sincerely think Nintendo should buy Platinum. They're perfect for each other.

Nintendo would really benefit from it, it what about P games? I mean, sure, if Nintendo throws money at them and let them have total creative freedome it would be a win-win situation and from the good talking about the development of B2 it sure is obvious they can do it. And that would probably be the case too.

But maybe PGames like to expand.

Personally I would be all over it, though.

i want to believe the bowser trademark has to do something with this

Platinum Metroid, count on it.

Hoping for something like Bayonetta/Wonderful 101/Nier Automata.

Come on Bayonetta 3. i really REALLY like all their games.

Tue May 30 17 09:55am
Rating: 2

You had me at "Platinum".

[throws wallet at screen]

You and me alike...Apart from the fact I don't have a wallet... But throwing cash at the screen as if it was a stripper!

I know it's too early to hope something E3, being they just finished Automata and were working on Scalebound before MS went idiot, but can we at least get a tease a la Bayonetta 2? Just so we know what's happening.

Of course I would LOVE me some Bayonetta 3, would make my...uhm..year (which is, so far, damn good in the nerding world. Got Switch, a darn good new Zelda AND Twin Peaks). But I wouldn't mind TW102, Vanquish 2, a deal with Capcom for Okami 2.... Or something completely new even. I just wanna know what they are doing now...

I think only Kamiya was working on Scalebound, not the rest of Platinum. I could be wrong though.


He was the director, but it was a Platinum game.

Tue May 30 17 12:24pm
Rating: 1

It'd be great if it was Scalebound. I was super excited for the game and heartbroken when it got cancelled.

Tue May 30 17 12:49pm
Rating: 4

Personally I'd love a sequel to Star Fox Zero.

They have never made a bad game, apart from the licenced stuff they have done. So yeah, it's a pretty big deal ^^

SCalebound would be awesome, Bayo3 is not likely since they've said they're just thinking about it very recently. I want ed a Nier port but I'm not sure they would tease it like that.

I trust PR talk as much as I trust rumours: Close to nothing.

PR talk that they "Are just talking about Bayo3" and rumours saying Bayo 3 is already "being worked on" are for me just the same really.

But let's look at the past settings, and it could very well be Bayo 3. Nintendo could have struck another deal for all we know. And nobody said they would show it of soon, just taht it's interesting.

But ten again, it could be Chingabonga Wakkka Woo, too.

Wed May 31 17 07:11am
(Updated 1 time)

Star Fox Zero remaster (Or Sequel) with non shit controls please.

That or Bayo 3.

Pff! Please! I don't want interesting games. Just boring ones. Seriously, who makes interesting games anymore?
Can't wait to see it.
As always, I still hope for an heavy metal action game resurrecting Mysterious Murasame Castle... Would be way too awesome (I've been dreaming of this since Kamiya said he would love to do it).

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