Hyper Sentinel dev on porting the game to Switch, control schemes

A portion of a Nintendo Life interview with Huey Games CEO Rob Hewson...

NL: When did the process begin to bring Hyper Sentinel to Switch?

RH: We started to reach out to Nintendo as soon as we could. Obviously it's early in the system's life, so our Kickstarter was going on as the Switch launched at the beginning of March. We started to have conversations earlier in the year, putting everything in place and registering on their system.

It's been a great experience, they've been really helpful. We're excited about coming to Switch and think it's a good fit for Hyper Sentinel.

NL: And how has it been working on the Switch, from a technical viewpoint. Has the porting gone well?

RH: It's fantastic to develop for the Switch. Hyper Sentinel is developed in Unity, which is great, so it's been really straightforward. Nintendo's been super helpful and it's been a pleasure to work on.

NL: You mentioned earlier that this game is coming to iPad, but it's also coming to Switch, PC and various consoles. What control options are you bringing to Switch; will you include touch screen options too?

RH: We're looking at control options, we haven't finalised anything. There'll definitely be the physical controls which are the best way to play; even on the tablets we're supporting Bluetooth controllers because it's the optimal way to play, even though we've worked to make good touch controls. We haven't finalised it 100% but it'll probably be physical controls on Switch.

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