Nintendo could be gearing up to launch Super Mario Odyssey in November

The following info comes from sources close to Nintendo who spoke to the Financial Times...

- Super Mario Odyssey should launch in November
- this goes hand-in-hand with the push to release more Switch units this year

November certainly seems like it makes sense for a Super Mario Odyssey launch. I think most of us expect the game to launch then anyways. Let's hope we get a release date at E3 2017!

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Everyone knew that the moment it was revealed :p

Isn't that black Friday month in the States?

Tue May 30 17 05:29pm
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Yup and Nintendo tends to release a big title around Black Friday. Mario 3D World, Link Between Worlds, Pokemon Sun/Moon and Smash Wii U among others were released on and around Black Friday in previous years. So basically that's pretty expected.


I guess that the game is getting well along that they could finish and polish it til November. It's not like it's that far away from December.

Rumours are coming more and more... I can feel E3 again :D

Tue May 30 17 05:31pm
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I think the entire industry expects a November release.

Tue May 30 17 05:34pm
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So March had Zelda, April had MK, May had a bunch of digital and third party games (like Minecraft, NBA Playgrounds and Disgaea), June has ARMS, July has Splatoon 2.

Between August and December we should get Fire Emblem Warriors, Super Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade 2, Mario + Rabbids, and whatever else is announced at E3.

At least 8 major games in 10 months. This is exactly the release schedule the Wii U needed. Hope they can keep this up for the next few years.

Everyone knew that the moment it was revealed :p

I think Mario Odyssey will be a good game, it will have mario and peach and bowser and you can interact with humans and mario can jump and marios hat is red!

Don't forget that he eats lots of spaghetti!!!!!

One or two weeks before Black Friday is almost a 100% guarantee.
I can't wait to play it.

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