GoNintendo Video - EXCLUSIVE info on release dates for Super Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and more

UPDATE - New info points to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 still launching in 2017.

Looking for some info on release dates for Super Mario Odyssey and Xenoblade Chronicles 2? We've got some exclusive inside info on potential plans, plus news on some other Nintendo content as well!

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Fri Jun 09 17 07:18pm
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I really hope that Xenoblade 2 getting pushed back turns out to be fake news. The Switch desperately needs some 1st party single player games, the only one it has is BotW and that's a WiiU port. I understand that Nintendo is releasing a ton of multiplayer games to push people into buying online subscriptions, but this is too much.

Well... Skyrim......

Everyone and his grandma has played Skyrim by now. Plus it is not 1st party.

For the record, my grandma hasn't played Skyrim.

Grandpa is a level 81 Dark Elf Spellsword though.

Sat Jun 10 17 08:06am
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And? It's still coming to Switch. I know I wont get it, but maybe it will sell a bit.

Well you replied to my comment so I thought it was relevant to what I was talking about. Clearly it wasn't.

Sorry, amte. Was at work and didn't quite get my message through. Mad.

What I wanted to say is that Skyrim is coming to Switch and might fill i some gaps. Specially IF XC2 is coming later. Skyrim is not a ultipøayer game either.

But I have no idea why they chose THAT game. It's an oldie. They should have FO4 or Doom instead. Oh, well...

We'll see soon enough I guess.

HAve agreat E3 :-)

I haven't played it, and if the port is solid and has some bonuses, if there's nothing else I'm after when it comes out (which is likely september), I'd probably grab it

Well we already have FE Warriors, Mario & Rabiids and Mario Odyssey, but yeah I get what you mean. At the very least Splatoon 2 would have a good single player campaign like the first game. The Xenoblade 2 situation could just be a strategic release: it might not be ready by November and they cant release it in the holidays or it can get lost by other AAA games released at that time period. Still hoping its not true tho.

Sat Jun 10 17 12:12am
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This better not be a Star Fox Zero delay from holiday release to spring to only bring a subpar experience for all.

Ever since we saw that XC2 trailer, I was of the mind that this will release for the holidays in Japan and release to the west early next year. Kind of like how the first two FE on 3DS release went from Japan to west. (tho different developers, I use those games as a reference from Japan to west release periods) Pretty fast turnovers, I believe. I think XCX and the TMS: #FE development turnover was like 6 months apart. Though now that I remember it the only one of those titles over 6 months to release overseas was Fates.

Also, tho this isn't developed by Nintendo the turnover could be for the better or for the worse. I'm in the camp for the former, I think Monolithsoft can deliver, whether that be this year for the west or earlier next. That's the most I'll give them in terms of development cycle. XCX case was prematurely announced and was set back by the Wii U hardware, in the end a great game and a marvel to look at. I don't think we're in for repeat, plus the Switch hardware is more streamlined. So though I doubt this year for release west, the latest we see this title is early next year. Though I hope it somehow simultaneously release in Japan and the west this year.

Splatoon 2 is a single player game as well as a multiplayer game. ARMS and MarioKart are also playable single player. And Super Mario Odessy would be completely single player.

Splatoon single player is an afterthought, ARMS and MK single player is like playing multiplayer against NPCs, very bare bones.

The console needs real single player games.

MK does have a Time Trial mode, which is 100% single player. (True it's not really a single player game), I don't know all the modes from ARMS but I believe there is a "single" player Grandprix mode.

However you're 100% wrong about the Single player of Splatoon (2) being an afterthought. It does indeed teach you how to play the game, but it also tells you the story of the game.

Well if Xenoblade 2 is getting pushed that opens up a month for Nintendo to release something else perhaps? Probably not but it could happen...

I'm sure they were (and maybe still are) working towards a winter 2017 date for XC2... But it was probably just a really optimistic projection. I bet they still don't give a definitive date yet for it. I bet just a first trailer will be shown and maybe a direct later in the year going more into the game and a release date given then.

Odyssey the same day as Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon seems like a bit of a conflict to me, but I could see it.

I remember Smash Bros Wii U coming out the same day as Pokemon ORAS. THAT was nuts

Super Mario 3D World and A Link Between Worlds came out the same day.

Mario on 11/17 was my #1 guess too. Nintendo always release their biggest Wii U and 3DS games the Friday before Black Friday since 2013.

2013: Mario 3D World and Zelda: ALBW
2014: Smash Wii U and Pokémon ORAS
2015: Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon and Mario Tennis Ultra Smash (wasn't a great year)
2016: Pokémon Sun/Moon

2017 will align correctly if Odyssey releases 11/17 with Ultra Sun/Moon

2015 may have been a dreadful E3 but PSMD was actually an amazing game. IMO, that game all by itself was better than the games offered in 2013, 2014 and 2016 (with Smash U coming in second)

"The first one consumers are going to..."

Are they opening E3 to the public this year? They used to have it open over a decade ago, I believe it was the year after the Wii reveal that they chose to make E3 a closed door event.

Yep, they opened it up to the public this year. Wasn't aware they had ever done that before.

While it would be understandable if the Xenoblade 2 gets pushed back, I'm really hoping it doesn't turn out to be true.


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