Austrian retail chain lists WWE 2K18 for Switch


Austrian retail chain Libro has a listing up right now for WWE 2K18 on Switch. I'm not familiar with the retail chain, but our tipster Zsu Gong has said the retailer seems to be correct more often than not with their listings. Let's hope that's the case here!

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.My guess is that the Yuke's team that has been working on the last gen versions will now develop for the Switch.

Sat Jun 10 17 04:54pm
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This is one of those 3rd party games that should come to Switch, and should have been in Nitnendo's intentions for Switch from the start. Nintendo doesn't need all of the games of XB/PS, but they do need the WWEs, Call of Dutys, and FIFAs imo, or it just won't be as desirable to anyone but us Nintendo fans.

Agreed on this. Great point.

I have to give Nintendo and EA credit though, the few 3rd party games I've seen so far look to be well done. Quality over quantity, for sure, but it's a start. The way things look now, so long as they sell, I think Madden will make a triumphant return to Nintendo in 2019.

That's what I would really like to see, as I could care less about soccer personally. I haven't played a Madden for real since '05. I think that was the Ray Lewis one.

I havent played a WWE game in decades...if this is true, would really make me want to get it.


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