GoNintendo Video: Talking Points - The touching, personal moments of Ubisoft's E3 show

Ubisoft's E3 Press Conference was a fun one all around, but it had some truly special moments, the likes of which I've never seen at any E3.

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Wow. The title of this post... I never thought I would hear someone say that unironically. But then again... no Aisha Tyler this year.

Tue Jun 13 17 02:07am
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Confession time: I didn't have a religious experience when Beyond Good and Evil 2 was shown. I was one of the people who supported and bought the first one when it came out on Gamecube and I thought it was average at best. And then I got increasingly put off the constant boo-hoo-ing over its poor sales. "Oh, poor BG&E" on every internet list for a decade even though it had several chances to recoup that money in digital re-releases.

Michel's emotional moment was kind of awkward to me. I mean, good job man, you get to make a game you wanted to make. But I say save the moment for when the game is actually complete and good. Don't forget, you've gotten to announce this game TWICE now.

Now, please don't take this as entirely negative. I'm glad people are probably getting a game they've wanted for a long time now. I've got my own short list of unlikely games I want. I hope you guys get this game and that it's REALLY good. If it is, I'll give the series another chance.

Tue Jun 13 17 04:30am
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Yeah... I think the hype train was in full force for some people here. First of all, the game is a prequel, so it won't be resolving the cliffhanger of the first game. Second, there was no game play shown, just a (very nice) CGI movie.

I also played this game on Gamecube and all I can remember now is the controls reversing during the final boss and how utterly frustrating it was. I liked the general vibe of the game (unearthing conspiracies) but it's something that wouldn't really fly today.

A reminder that this is Ubisoft, the people who brought you Watch Dogs, the Division and Red Steel, and don't forget how the hype train whisked people away then. I hope people get what they want, and they actually deliver, but I guess only time will tell.

All that said, Davide's reaction when Miyamoto mentioned him was truly wonderful.

It was basically a public wake going-away party for Ubisoft as we know it before the Majora's Mask Moon that is Vivendi comes crashing down on their heads.

Anybody else thinking BGE2 is a Switch exclusive, even if only a "timed exclusive"?

I think we'll learn about it in Nintendo's video presentation in a few short hours.

I think there are some things that speak against it. They reached out to fans to have them register on their homepage to help make the game. A timed Switch exclusive could upset those fans that are getting it for another system. And since they only showed a cgi concept clip, it's likely that development hasn't come very far, so it would be a little weird to announce exclusivity already. But who knows, right?

I definitely agree about them only showing the CGI clip, and that makes me wonder how far along they've gotten in 3 years of development?
The idea behind Mario+Rabbids started about 3 years ago, and is just now about to released? So it had a solid 2-2.5 years of development time?

BGE2 not having a release console/year, just seems odd at this point, considering they showed release console/year/date for the other games they showed.

evan stoopeeder
Tue Jun 13 17 05:04am
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BG&E2 is a bit annoying at this point. I think they shouldn't show it anymore unless they've got a release date, the systems and gameplay (Not a fan of the goofy prerendered trailer). But I don't expect it in Nintendo's show, actually I don't even expect it to release on Switch at all. It's very likely that they made those decisions way back when Nintendo was in deep slump.

That said I'm with everybody else on Mario+Rabbids. It looks great! I was actually checking if I can preorder it somewhere already, which I normally never do. Well done Ubisoft, I thought they'd waste the opportunity.

The negativity on this comment section is unbelievable. This site was once a safe haven for enthusiastic Nintendo gamers. It's become a slightly smarter IGN connect section

Tue Jun 13 17 08:30am
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I agree, RMC. And it's actually one of the reasons I love the live presentations and am still slightly sad Nintendo doesn't do them anymore. The digital presentations from Nintendo are great for quick digesting without any mistakes or awkwardness, but we also won't really have those golden moments anymore either

I also loved the genuine emotion from Davide! It was obvious that he's passionate about games and that Miyamoto is an inspiration for him. It must be surreal to have a legend in game design talking about you on stage at E3 and telling the world that you made a good job. Nice moment!

On the topic of Beyond Good and Evil 2, the thing that kinda grinds my gear is the amount of cursing in the trailer. it feels forced just to be edgy and "mature". I also don't like how much CGI trailer there is. It's a game, show me gameplay!

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