Head of Xbox discusses how he plays his Switch, praises Nintendo

Coming from head of Xbox, Phil Spencer...

"For us as a company to go off and do a bespoke handheld gaming device when we've got Windows tablet devices out there. I think there are learnings for us in terms of control and other things Switch has done. They've effectively been able to take a controller experience and add it to a screen so games don't have to be modified purely to touch in order to work. I use my Switch mainly in undocked mode. I don't really think about it as a television console, though it works and I think that functionality is great, I just usually use it remotely. But fundamentally, I think Nintendo is just a great gaming company that learns, refines, stays at it, and has a great first-party to support that. And that's something we should all admire and applaud."

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I really hope that MS will get more of those exclusives for their consoles. The XBoX looks really sweet and all, but I just can't justify a purchase without a must-have game. Sony and Nintendo are killing it there.

I game on my Switch mostly in docked mode. For me it's Nintendo's next home console I can take on the go. I really, REALLY want to see more of that Zelda DLC though.

It's amusing how Microsoft likes Nintendo, Sony likes Nintendo, but Sony and Microsoft detest one another.

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