Sakamoto talks more on Metroid: Samus Returns, dev time, new details, Sakamoto not involved with Prime 4

The following comes from an IGN interview with Yoshio Sakamoto...

On Metroid: Samus Returns being a remake

"It’s the same game. … All of the fundamental design is the same ... in that the basic map structure is all based off the Metroid II map. Basically what we’ve done is we’ve used this new technology that we have at our fingertips to just polish up what was already there and to improve upon it. Maybe the thing that felt so different was that it was in full color."

- you can leave marker points on the map and tap on points for information

On the game potentially having new content past what's in the original, similar to Zero Mission

"I believe that yes you can go ahead and look forward to some of those same experiences that you had with Zero Mission."

On adding more backstory

"[In] this game there’s a lot of background, there’s a lot of lore involved in this title. But it’s not like a novel or something. It incorporates the lore, but it’s not integral to the gameplay experience. It’s in the background more than in the foreground.
There is definitely information for the players to get that revolves around sort of the larger storyline."

On what brought Metriod: Samus Returns into development

"About the time I was looking at the 3DS and the great specs and this game and the features that it offered and was thinking to myself, 'Man, maybe this is the time to revisit that 2D Metroid game.' I had heard that MercurySteam was interested in working on some sort of Metroid remake. Not 2, but they had some interest, and those just sort of overlapped with each other."

On this being tied in any way to the long-rumored Metroid Dread

"I think it’s better to say that this is a remake, remastering of Metroid 2, a powered-up version of that, and not something to do with the other project."

On connecting to Metroid Prime 4

"This time there is not any direct connection between Metroid Prime 4 and Metroid: Samus Returns."

On involvement in Prime 4

"I’m not involved in Metroid Prime 4."

On how long the game is in development

"We started around two years ago, so it’s been about two years... It’s almost there. It’s quite a ways along. We want everyone to play Metroid this year. We would love for it to be a Year of Metroid, as it were."


I know Metroid is Sakamoto's baby, but I'm sorta happy he's not involved in Prime 4. I feel like he's better off sticking with the "2D" games.

Metroid is Gunpei Yokoi's baby. Not Sakamoto's. Sakamoto has shown over and over again that he doesn't get or cares about Metroid. He has destroyed its lore (fusion), retconned it to his personal tastes (Zero mission) and blatanly destroying it (M:OM). And yet he is still there? goddamit

I thought both Fusion and Zero Mission were great. I understand that some Metroid fans didn't like Fusion because it was too linear, but I don't know how it ruined the lore. In fact, it got me more interested in the Metroid story and I've been waiting forever for Fusion's sequel.

Yikes lol, I'm only vaguely aware of his input in the series. I know how he butchered Other M's story, but wasn't aware of Much else.

While I don't care too much for Sakamoto's contributions, to say Fusion "ruined" the lore, and Metroid: Zero Mission was anything short of the only other 2D Metroid game to rival Super, is going too far.

Won't defend Other M though. That was an actual good action game with a horrible story and an even more horrible emphasis on linear progression. It had some really good mechanics (the dodging I thought was good) and some really bad ones (the scan segments and using the pointer for the missiles).

How is it good that he's not involved in Prime in any way whatsoever?

Guess this isn't anything new considering he was given the role of "special thanks" for each of the previous 3 Metroid Prime titles. It was only the 2D games that he was intimately involved with (director, designer, etc). Glad he's sticking with his wheelhouse here, and also glad to see a brand new dev group working on Prime 4. I mean, that's how Retro catapulted to the success spotlight.


Bring on MP:4!!! I know it's pure optimism speaking, but I'm really hoping this launches next holiday (201Cool.

2 years huh...either they started working on it before Federation Force was shown at E3 2015 or they saw the reaction and started working on it afterwards. I assume is the former tho.

Yeah I hope Prime 4 and the next main Pokemon are next year. I'm just thinking of the line-up next year and I feel it could be just as good if not BETTER than this year.

Main Fire Emblem
main Pokemon
Metroid Prime 4

^ That's just what we know of. I expect probably a Smash 4 Deluxe and Animal Crossing and maybe Retro's game for next year as well.

"I’m not involved in Metroid Prime 4."

Alright, so I feel a bit vindicated. I predicted, based on the amiibo, that Super Metroid might be something to do with the game...and I bet we're gonna see some Super Metroid content or something like that with this game, based on what he'd said about "extra story" from Zero Mission.

Yay! This pretty much confirms a Zero Suit mission! That was my favorite part of Zero Mission.

You know what I would've really loved? A remake of Fusion.....

But I'm fine with this too. For some reason, I just couldn't bring myself to play the original . Hopefully this remake changes that.


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