Ubisoft Spain says Beyond Good and Evil 2 coming to Switch (UPDATE)

UPDATE - There it goes, just as we suspected. Now we go back to feeling sad...

UPDATE - It appears that whoever is running the social media account has simply hit the Tweet button for the linked site, which spit out the text. That said, they still tweeted it on the official account and haven't removed it yet. Let's see where we go from here.

I mean, this is a verified account. It's right there, as plain as day. I still don't believe it, but I'll pretend it's true for now! I'll just live in bliss until the tweet is deleted/retracted.

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Man, what is going on between Ubisoft and Capcom, denial, smoke screens, corrections?!

It'd be great if we got the first one also! A game I've always wanted to play!

Could be internal info posted without permission from HQ, or it could be a generic listing of platforms without an official okay.

It might be a clerical error

Thu Jun 15 17 05:19pm
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The guy from Pokémon company got hired by Ubisoft

Sweet, now we just need a little less forced cursing in there and we're good! Smile

No, I think it actually is coming to the Switch, or at least that's their intention. It would explain why Ubisoft has been coy about saying which platforms they're going to release this on. It's because they're trying to optimize the game for the Switch, but they just don't want to confirm it just yet because the current Switch port might not be running as well as they would like.

It's not even started being made yet so...

It might take another five years before it's finished, so I'm pretty sure they have hardly discussed platforms yet.

"Screw our French branch, we're Ubisoft Spain! And we're going to spread the good news!"

The french "branch" as you call it is actually the "main tree" since Ubisoft is a french company ;)

Thu Jun 15 17 07:44pm
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Laura Kate Dale seems to believe that a Switch version is real, a Switch exclusive at launch for one year, and happens to be the one that first correctly called the Mario/Rabbids crossover. Maybe Ubisoft doesn't want to discuss platforms at this time because they are afraid that the limited-time exclusivity would anger the PS4 and Xbox One owners at a time when they would prefer to ride high on the positive hype they are obviously getting by not announcing platforms at this time.

IMO I don't think the game will come out until the PS5 era. Holiday 2020 is the earliest I expect the game.


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