Nintendo on why Metroid II is being remade, no connection to Metroid Prime 4, Samus' gender reveal

A portion of a Game Informer interview with Yoshio Sakamoto...

GI: Why Metroid II? Why not a new Metroid?

Sakamoto: Metroid II really hasn’t been remade or revisited at this point at all and there are a lot of really interesting special things about Metroid II, so we just thought it would be great. And we think there are a lot of people that want to play it and we wanted to give them that opportunity.

Metroid II contains something that is really important to the Metroid franchise and that’s the episode where Samus first encounters the baby Metroid. So, we really wanted to revisit that crucial story point on the Metroid timeline. And of course, Metroid II is a bit of an older game, so with the increased technology we have, we thought there are a lot of new things we could bring to it, to give it a little bit of a paint job, and add some really fun stuff. So that combined with the other things I mentioned were really the impetus behind revisiting this title.

GI: How significantly will the game differ from the original Metroid II?

Sakamoto: It is based on the original, the flow is basically the same, and we have some extra areas and we powered up the map system, but yeah there are definitely new places to check out.

GI: Whether by way of story or mechanics, is this leading into Metroid Prime 4 in any way?

Sakamoto: No, there is no connection. The Metroid Prime series and the 2D Metroid – they’re both obviously Metroid, but they’re not connected in that way. We hope that you will support Metroid Prime 4, as well, of course.

GI: You worked on the original Metroid which makes this a good opportunity to confirm a story that I have heard conflicting reports about. How did the decision come about to make Samus a woman and reveal her gender at the end of the game?

Sakamoto: We were pretty much the majority of the way through the title and we thought it would be sort of fun as a gift or a present to the player to let them have a glimpse at who is inside the armor. So what could we do with that would be exciting and interesting to the player? And someone on staff suggested, “Well how about if the person inside the suit is a woman?” and we all said, “You know what? That’s a great idea.”

GI: Who was it?

Sakamoto: I don’t recall 100%. It’s been a long time. It might actually be someone who is no longer with company, I just don’t remember. Sorry.


Thing is metroid 2 is on the 3ds vc....and this game is on 3ds as well.....?

However I will all be down on a fusion remake!

Link to the past is on the 3DS VC and so isn't LBW. It's possible that Nintendo adds their shine to this game and it's amazing.

LBW is a sequel to Link to the past..... :P

Sun Jun 18 17 02:54pm
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Metroid Fusion has aged just fine though, as opposed to Metroid II which really hasnt...

...You know what, I'm not even going to start. It's way too soon since the last time I defended Metroid II, so please just read what I wrote here: http://gonintendo.com/comments/145737

Sun Jun 18 17 01:34pm
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>Metroid II hasn't really been remade at all


Hopefully if this game is good and performs well. We can get Nintendo/MercurySteam to make a brand new 2D Metroid that continues the story where Fusion leaves off...

As long as they change the suit design. I hated the look of the Fusion armor. Whoof.

She looked like a Spiderman villian to me.

Samus in Black Cat cosplay wouldn't be so bad though. ;)

Like who? I think she looked kinda like an alternate version of Spiderman like Scarlet or Spidey 2099.

Just generally speaking. I'm not all that familiar with Spiderman outside pop culture and movies.

I don't think we will see that suit again due to the end of Fusion. I don't remember if she lost the Metroid DNA or she still has it and gained the cold invulnerability. I just hope that they plan to continue the story line and not reboot it like Star Fox...

My pipe dream for Metroid 5 used to be a scenario where Samus is captured and imprisoned by the Federation. She did this intentionally because Adam knows of some kind of shady goings on in the particular prison they send her to, and an escape is already planned. You start out without armor and rather than work your way down a planet, you're finding your way up and out of one. The armor isn't kept from you for too long, and once you get it you can turn it on and off in order to take advantage of the abilities ZSS has that the armor doesn't.

That's what I'd pitch anyway. You have a different story scenario, a new gameplay mechanic, and a few shakeups of the Metroid conventions.

I love it. Zero Suit Samus (in playable form) has done more in Super Smash Bros. than in actual Metroid games. So at the very least that should be something that happens in the next Metroid game. But yeah, everything else you mentioned is awesome.

So leading up to Other M 2 maybe? ^^
You know since metroid is on track again...

Sun Jun 18 17 06:18pm
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Sakamoto knows damn well that it was probably Kiyotake, Samus' designer, who came up with the idea to make her a woman. But far be it for him to remind people that he isn't Samus' creator.

Mon Jun 19 17 03:11pm
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"Metroid II really hasn’t been remade or revisited at this point at all"


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