Nintendo Canada - Pricing for upcoming Switch games are placeholders

A lot of Canadian Nintendo fans were having a mini-heart attack over pricing popping up for various Switch games shown off at E3. Most were clocking in around $99.99, which is indeed a hefty price. Thankfully, a representative of the firm that handled Nintendo Canada's marketing has stepped in to clear up the situation. The pricing you're seeing right now is placeholder, and official pricing will come at a later date. Thanks to Jon for the heads up!

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It's not far off from actual retail prices. Arms is $80.00, there's just no way I can feel good about buying a fighting game at that price here

Yeah it'll never go down too.

The best you could do is get it in America or download it using a different Province Tax, (you'll save like 8 bucks that way.)

I would've gotten it if it had an story mode but $80 is an insane amount to pay for a bare bones crapshoot fighter

Is it really a big deal to reveal that Mario ect will be the same price as other big budget Switch games 6 months ahead? or is that somehow a spoiler?

I'm Canadian, this is not new. I don't understand why this blew as it did.

I read that games are pretty expensive over there. Taxes?

Our currency is currently crap vs US dollars... So that's why. Buying in the US saves almost nothing.

I guess were hoping, if we make enough noise over the crazy prices, maybe they'll drop them down to a reasonable point like back in the Wiiu 3Ds days.... not gonna happen though.

Not that I like the pricing at $99.99 but it is due to our weak dollar as others have said. What pissed me off was the times our dollar was basically par with the US and we still paid $20more.

I recall in the 90s as a kid with a paper route I purchased Secret of Mana for $99.99 plus tax and Mario RPG was $109 plus tax. With inflation that would be around $150 today 😓

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