Dragon Ball FighterZ Switch port could happen if fans request it

Want to see Dragon Ball FighterZ on the Switch? It's not scheduled right now, but things could change if the community shows support. Producer Tomoko Hiroki says the port could happen, as there's no issue with horsepower or anything like that. If fans show enough support for the idea, it could certainly happen. Hiroki does say that if the port moves ahead, it might not launch at the same time as the other versions, but that's certainly understandable.

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Sony and Microsoft systems: "Here! Take this new game! No need for thanks, friend!"

Nintendo console: "BEG FOR IT!"

Here's a petition that's recieved over 700 votes today(it's been up a week, but gained momentum due to todays news), and is over 1100 now
There's also the twitter push

Mon Jun 19 17 04:03am
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It definitely should be over NINETHOUSAAAAAAAAND!

Signed! I'm getting this on day one for PC, but if a Switch version would show up as well, I'd pick that up in a heartbeat as well. Looks incredible!

I made a nice little post on twitter about it.

I'll hide it behind a spoiler tag for those with bad load times.

Sun Jun 18 17 11:54pm
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Isn't Namco Bandai known for actually listening to this kind of stuff from time to time? I really hope that this happens, DBFZ looks amazing and I'd love to have it on my Switch.

I definitely want it.

Sony and Microsoft systems: "Here! Take this new game! No need for thanks, friend!"

Nintendo console: "BEG FOR IT!"

Haha yeah, exactly this. Every second story on GN is devs asking us to fight for their game.

Given the game genre on topic, it's quite fitting lel

Mon Jun 19 17 03:23am
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Keep in mind that the Switch has only come out a few months ago. The other systems have been out for around 4 years.

Even with the problem of porting games that the Wii and Wii U had gone, not everyone is going to jump on board immediately.

What console will the game make more money on? It's very simple. Of course Nintendo fans have to ask for it. The Switch is a new system and while it's selling out constantly, will it be getting games from third parties?

Mon Jun 19 17 02:25am
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Oh good god yes... But why the hell must Nintendo fans have to beg for games?

Also petitions never work. I'm going to sign anyway, but this crap never worked for Guilty Gear Xrd for Wii U.

lotso shoes
Mon Jun 19 17 03:21am
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Yeah, because there totally isn't going to be a vast sum of people playing this console that are into DBZ, and it sure as hell isn't a machine practically built for multiplayer fighters. We gotta CHECK there's demand for it first!

Exactly. We didn't have to beg for Xenoverse 2. Why would we have to beg for this?

I'm not a big fan of DBZ, but I have to admit, the game looks pretty dynamic. I would seriously consider picking it up if it came to Switch.

Or I wouldn't mind a different property using the same engine (My Hero Academia might be fun)

Then people had better start requesting it. . . .

Would definitely rather have it on my Switch than PS4. Please!

Gauging interest as if DBZ games are foreign to Nintendo owners.

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