Dragon Quest XI Direct coming on June 21, focused on Nintendo 3DS version

NCL and Square Enix have announced a Nintendo Direct for this coming Wednesday. The Direct will focus on the Nintendo 3DS version of Dragon Quest XI, which is scheduled for a July 29 release. The presentation will be about 14 minutes long and talks about the features that make that version unique.

The presentation starts locally at 20:00 JST, which is 13:00 CET and 7:00AM ET in other locales.

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Mon Jun 19 17 08:10am
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Dragon Quest XI Direct

Finally a first look at Swi......


ONLY 3DS version focus?

My thoughts exactly! Man, lots of games I want coming to the 3ds, but since buying a switch I can't game on that anymore... Come on switch version! (Of all of 'em Pokémon, mh stories, Metroid, ace attorney, even that weird snack world)

Mon Jun 19 17 08:25am
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I just want to know IF IT will have more content than the PS4 version or not Like Nintendo gear or other stuff
For I Still think that the 3DS version look like a great game!

(I am still playing on my 3DS XL and I have not brought a Switch yet)

Mon Jun 19 17 11:02am
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And yet still no mention of a Western release

Western Release in 2019? Sad

Sounds about right. I'm worried about the 3DS version if it comes to that.

Getting very worried about the Switch version... Sony may have made a behind the scenes play to keep it off Switch, similar to what may have happened with Monster Hunter.

Me too.
They officially said it was in development right?

I believe officially, they said they were looking into it.

Think it was supposed to be in development, yeah, but they started on the Switch version some later. But it truly was sad not to see it at E3.

Seeing as how poorly DQ Heroes runs on Switch, I could see them having trouble making DQ XI work satisfactory. They probably have their work cut out for them porting the game, having to make lots of platform specific tweaks. That's why it's taking time and they're not confident to talk about it yet.

Its one thing to not talk about it or show it, but its another to not even confirm it's existence. They've even started talking about the PS4/3DS game bundles you can preorder, so why is the Switch left out of all the marketing plans? Not even a single SKU? I don't have any doubts that they can pull it off well enough. A mainline Dragon Quest is bound to have way more effort put into it than a Musou game after all. Its almost as if at best, we can expect a late port...

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