Some Super Mario Odyssey levels have 30-50 moons

Everything we continue to hear about Super Mario Odyssey points to it being Mario's biggest adventure yet. According to a Nintendo rep, some levels in the game contain anywhere from 30 to 50 moons! The rep doesn't say if that's the limit, so some stages could have even more!

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Wed Jun 21 17 07:54am
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Based on E3 footage, there will be "main" moons (moons that have a clear objective, changes the level somehow once you get that moon and the story progresses) and "side" moons.

Wow, I'm so excited for this game! I played it for 10 mins at Nintendo NY during E3, and it plays and controls great. It remains to be seen whether it surpasses the Galaxy games for me, which so far have been my favorite Mario games ever. Odyssey certainly has the potential to be even better though!

Wed Jun 21 17 12:20pm
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Lots of moons does not necessarily equate to large level sizes. The levels I've seen so far are fine--not humongous but decent--but we've only seen a handful to date. And, if there are only say 10 levels of that size then it absolutely will not be the biggest Mario game ever. So I say let's wait and see. . . .


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