Nintendo pegs Metroid Prime 4, Pokemon Switch for 2018 (UPDATE)

Coming from a GamesBeat interview with Nintendo's Charlie Scibetta...

GamesBeat: For the rest of the year, what’s the big message? Obviously Mario, but is there anything else?

Charlie Scibetta: Games. If you want to be able to play games and not have a dry spell between any of the big launches, we think Nintendo Switch is a good place to be. We have a nice drumbeat of first and third party. You’ll never have to wait long.

Just as you get through a game and you’re starting to put your head up, put the periscope out to see what else is out there, hopefully we’ll have something right there for you. We’ve announced a nice lineup through this year, and next year we have some big games coming with Metroid 4. 2018 will be around Metroid, Kirby, Yoshi, new Pokemon game has been announced. We feel good about the lineup for this year and beyond.

A Nintendo rep reached out to us with the following statement.

No change in what we announced last week, which is that those two games are coming, but they have no specifically announced release window/year.


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I'm not going to lie, it feels pretty great seeing Samus pics here and there on GN again.
Welcome home old friend.

Wed Jun 21 17 03:55pm
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I don't remember the PS4 having such a good first year of exclusives. This has to be the best first year for a console in a long time.

Wed Jun 21 17 03:58pm
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I guess WiiU was a nice buffer.

Yep. I wouldn't be surprised several upcoming games were planned as sequels to the Wii U games like Kirby and Yoshi. Metroid Prime takes much more to make and depending on who they're working it might or not get delayed.

Anyway better pricing, clearer functionality and goals (portability over raw power) more heavy hitting, and upcoming announcements to keep up with how it'll get supported seems like several lessons taken from the Wii U. Although it's still pending if their online strategy and retro gaming shop will improve.

wouldn't be surprised several upcoming games were planned as sequels to the Wii U games like Kirby and Yoshi.

It's pretty clear it is the case.
I think Ubi said Mario x Rabbids was a three year old game when it comes to developing it, right? Ubi had no idea what the Switch was when they started.

They'd have to come out in early March or before to be considered first year, and I sincerely doubt that Metroid Prime 4 and Pokemon Switch will come out that soon.

@BREADORDECIDE. Best first year for a console?! Are you high?! PS4 & XB1 had a better game lineup year one than the Switch. Actually excluding the WiiU, this will be Nintendo's worst year one console lineup.

Thu Jun 22 17 02:04pm
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Maybe you need a refresher course on the PS4's first year.


VERDICT: Is It Time to Buy a PS4?

The PS4's first year has not featured a single must-have exclusive game, but it is one where Sony has created the best foundations possible for a future filled with them. Its hardware and operating system has already accomplished so much, its commercial reception has been so outstanding, and its love affair with developers has been so intimate that one cannot doubt how important the console will be in the years ahead.

But that's for the future, and it's the key point, because buying a PS4 will likely be a wiser decision to make next year, and the year after that, and the year after that.


And I wont' even bother with the xbox one...it's been HOW LONG and it still doesn't have a respectful colleciton of exclusives.

Switch gave us Zelda, Splatoon 2, Arms, Mario Odyssey, Mario Rabbids, and Xenoblade 2. If that's not impressive to you then sorry your highness.

@BREADORDECIDE, he point is the overall support. In year one of those consoles they had current support at launch and throughout the year from 3rd party with some of their 1st party as well.

The GameCube's 1st year alone annihilates Switch's lineup.

Even After Sega's failed Saturn Console they had a lot more support for the Dreamcast's first year.

Sun Jun 25 17 02:18pm
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It's sad that Nintendo fans have to beg for 3rd party or just basic Online function that OG XBOX had, that's Nintendo's job.

Wed Jun 21 17 04:01pm
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Considering we got just a logo for MP4 and not even that for Pokémon, I seriously doubt it, but... I guess we'll see.

If we're speculating maybe it's because they don't want to overshadow Samus Returns. I could see them showing it by the end of the year. Perhaps closing that Game Awards pin meme.

Yea but Pokémon pretty much always annnounces games within a year of release.

Wed Jun 21 17 04:09pm
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"Metroid Prime 4.... 2018"


I'm not going to lie, it feels pretty great seeing Samus pics here and there on GN again.
Welcome home old friend.

Wed Jun 21 17 04:25pm
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I really doubt Metroid Prime and Pokemon will hit 2018.

Last time a potential Metroid Prime 4 was asked about, it was said that it would take about three years to complete, which is why it wouldn't be in the cards for the Wii U. Going under the assumption that it began its development during the final months of Federation Force's dev, I don't expect to see the game to release before summer 2019. (Heck, before the reveal that it actually was happening, I was certain it was due to Tanabe's comments. I was spouting off stuff on Twitter about how it would get an E3 2018 reveal, and we'd get a teaser at best this year...didn't expect that teaser to actually happen though.)

As for Pokemon, Game Freak has been pretty good at keeping the generations lasting about three years. Sun and Moon released last year and I don't see them breaking that trend and cutting Gen 7 short. Totally autumn 2019 in my eyes.

Pokemon is really likely. They don't like to sit on a generation for too long unless there are some remakes coming. I suppose they could put out a Diamond/Pearl remake before the next gen, but otherwise I suspect it will hit next year.

Metroid Prime 4? That would be a big deal.

IF they come next year which I do have my suspicions we will have Metroid Prime 4, Main Pokemon, Kirby, Yoshi, a main fire emblem next year. Maybe a Smash 4 port, a new animal crossing, and Pikmin 4...

And Bayonetta 3. Mark my words...

meh...rather see Retro's game personally but cool for fans of Bayonetta. I like the games they just don't excite me. They're like "cool I'll play that once I get done playing all the other games I'm excited for"


But yeah. When the Hell are we going to see Retros new game.?

Wed Jun 21 17 06:15pm
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Pokemon I could actually see releasing next year.

We didn't get a logo or a name or anything at all because they announced UltraSun and UltraMoon only days earlier and they weren't going to overshadow those. It's likely US/UM are expansions meant to tide us over while full games are developed for Switch. I suspect that Pokemon Switch has been in development for six months or so and that it'll be reusing a TON of assets, making a late 2018 release more realistic.

As for Metroid, I'd love to be proven wrong but I just can't see it.

There will be a couple of interesting Directs this year, I am sure.

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