Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - info on resolution and framerate

- 1600 x 900 in TV mode
- 1280 x 720 in other modes
- 1 on 1 battles will be 60fps
- other battles will be 30fps

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Other battles will be 30fps... you mean the whole game?

Seriously lol. Those that have never played a Xenoverse game before might think "wow 60fps for 1v1's is pretty good, it is a fighting game after all right?" But 98% of the battles in the main story, the Parallel Quests ( the biggest portion of the game by a huge margin) and all the other side quests either have multiple enemies and/or allies.

It'd be more accurate to say, "2% of the game is 60 FPS"

ai rorel
Thu Jun 22 17 02:33am
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From my experience: as long as the whole game stays at a consistent FPS (as long as it's 30 or up) throughout - and the game doesn't NEED high FPS (game by game basis, not genre)... I don't ever notice the FPS while I'm "in it".
Slowdowns, if too many things happen at once, I tend to call "dramatic effect"... But not for every game.

Thu Jun 22 17 03:29am
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After seeing FighterZ I just don't care.

This is the casual "fighting game" (Its more like an action game really)

FighterZ is for hardcore fans, and at this point it's only a matter of time before it gets announced for switch, they just don't want to shoot the sales of this game in the foot before it releases

Thu Jun 22 17 03:16pm
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Oh I totally get that. I was never all that interested in Xenoverse from the start, but it should be good for as you said, the more casual players, but now I am torn, hoping they don't delay and use this game's sales as a barometer for FighterZ...

Its very possible that, that IS indeed that case. In fact is say it probably is. Which is why I'm going to buy xeboverse just because I want FighterZ both on ps4 and switch


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