Nintendo Badge Arcade - The final update

Nintendo Badge Arcade - The final sets of new badges

- The final week of new badges
- Previously released badges still being cycled out
- Miiverse gallery no longer updating
- 1 FREE play being given away
- 2 FREE plays being given away EVERY DAY next week
- Nintendo Badge Arcade theme offer (available until 6/29)
- 1 new set of Ashley badges
- 5 new sets of Nintendo Badge Arcade themed badges
- 24 new sets of Pokémon badges

Thanks to AlienboyVA for the heads up!

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Did anyone use this? I only knew about it from posts on here.

I'd use it, but not often, maybe like once a month. And I'd only use it when they give away free plays. The load times each time you start it up are kinda ridiculous. It takes longer to sit there waiting for it to load and then mash the button to get through all the uninteresting text the rabbit character is saying than it does to finally get to use the free play.

Used it about twice a month. Would even pay if there were some badges I REALLY wanted.
You should see how much the crazed Splatoon fans played it for the first few months... Some even own ALL the Splatoon badges.

I had to do a hard reset on my data when mine stopped loading, but before that I had over 160 badges... But that's actually considered VERY SMALL compared to other players.
There's actually a large group of people who only played Free Plays, and they beat the amount I have from paid plays...
So yeah, it was actually semi-fairly popular.

I used it all the time only for free badges! I'm at over 1000 unique badges and never paid a cent! Sad to see it 'go,' but I've got plenty of badges to get whenever they cycle through again Smile

It would have been very classy if the rabbit character really left the game.

As a diehard Badge Arcade fan, I cried.

Until it comes back next year on the Switch... ;p


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