Blade Strangers - box

Nicalis is rocking it with these Switch boxes so far. Some really nice art on all of them. Certainly nice to feature in your Switch game collection!

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But how soon and what's the net code like?

I'll take 20. I was hoping this was coming to physical. Probably wouldn't buy it otherwise.

Good to see Code of Princess characters, I really enjoyed that game

I love it!! Thanks for continuing to make physical copies for your games Nicalis!! Excited to try this one out Smile

Nicalis is killing it with all these published titles!

This is a day 1 physical copy for me!

That's some mighty fine cover art for sure! Game looks a little sluggish so far but it's still kinda early in development, so I'm hoping it'll turn out great in the end. I never knew I wanted to play as Curly in a fighter before I saw this.

Fri Jun 23 17 01:32am
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Will this be quietly cancelled too?

Really curious here: What was quietly cancelled?

Especially concerning Nicalis, being that they released Isaac, Cave Story+ and The End Is Nigh is coming too.


Add 90's Arcade racer to this list, as well.

URRRRRRRRRRGGGH every time I'm reminded Guxt didn't come to the 3DS eShop because Nicalis thought it was boring I'm mad considering how they dumped that terrible Ikachan game with no bonus features whatsoever. (not even freaking speedrun leaderboards for the main game, which would have made the $5 worth it) I really, REALLY wanted to play Guxt and to see them just dump it makes me sad. I hope they at least reconsider by bundling Guxt, Ikachan and maybe some other early Pixel games onto a Switch cart with online leaderboards/bonus features to make up for it.

As for 90's Arcade Racer, I'm suspecting that's more of a development problem at this point.

How so? The developers of 90's Arcade Racer are on to a new project but also want to buy the publishing rights back from Nicalis, who simply won't sell, as the SuperBestFriends tell it.

I honestly thought that since Nicalis is a publisher it was all on the devs to actually finish their game.

Nicalis does some development work, and I think the times they are at their slowest, they are developing. I have no idea how big their staff is, but I wouldn't find it hard to believe if Tyrone Rodriguez was the only full time staff member.

I ought to see if I can find the credits scroll for one of their most recent works.


Add 90's Arcade racer to this list, as well.

Fri Jun 23 17 09:51pm
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Thanks for clearing things up.

While there is truth behind the story, the Thread is overly dramatic like always over at GAF. They already released Isaac and Cave Story and promoted End, Spikes and this Game here. The Wii and Wii U Era is over, so I don't see a reason to distrust Nicalis currently.

Fri Jun 23 17 10:20pm
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Which is much like a repeat of their early, successive support of the 3DS. That gave way to quietly cancelled projects.

90's Arcade Racer is super recent, if you didn't know. The developer currently wants the publishing rights back, but Nicalis won't sell. The SuperBestFriends talked about this.

Did you read the whole thread? Tyrone from (head of?) Nicalis chimes in.

1001 Spikes most certainly did come out on Wii U and 3ds. Dunno why that was on that list. I'll give you 90s arcade racer though. But that leaves just a handful from nearly a decade or more compared to the more they've released.

Thread is old, but represented a present issue.

Haven't only read the first few comments. But sounds interesting enough to read through the thread.

And yes, Tyrone Rodriguez is the CEO of Nicalis, a former editor from IGN. From his comments, he sounds a little eccentric.

Hey, is that the girl from that weird yet awesome fish game on Super Famicom?


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