Japan - Switch hits 1 million units sold

Nintendo has officially sold 1 million Switch units in Japan! It took the company 16 weeks to hit the goal. No doubt, the figure could have been reached faster if there was more stock to go around! Here's now the figure stacks up against Wii U and Wii in their first 16 weeks.

- Wii: 1.85 million units
- Wii U: 820 000 units

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Sat Jun 24 17 02:23am
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"No one in Japan will buy this due to lack of Japanese third party support"-youtuber who shall not be named

Actually I have no idea who said that and am curious

I'd rather not say but I guess your only hunt is he doesn't even do videogame stuff anymore.

And yet third-parties will still tell Nintendo fans to beg for the latest iterations of games or always be unclear regarding plans for new games on Switch despite how well it's performing. I would love to be wrong.

Fri Jun 23 17 06:49pm
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Congrats to Nintendo of Japan for reaching the 1 million unit mark! I'm quite positive that the Switch could reach between 7 to 10 million worldwide.

Lifetime? I hope that's not what you mean.

That's pretty cool.Not as good as wii but better than Wii U. That's a great start

What was the Wii's sales in Japan at this point in its life? Though probably hard to tell if it came out during their holiday seasons.

1.85, it's in the article. ;)

Fri Jun 23 17 08:39pm
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Keep in mind, this is WITHOUT a Holiday season compared to the other 2 systems. That makes these stats even more impressive

Fri Jun 23 17 08:43pm
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I think it should be mentioned that the Wii U took an additional 17 weeks to reach 1M.
That should be an indicator of how well the system is doing compared to its predecessor.

The Wii U is around 3.3 million for life time sales in Japan. If Nintendo is able to produce the units they should be able to pass that total in the Switch's first year.

The Switch is off to an excellent start. I think this will continue with the release of Arms and Splatoon. Now it's up to Nintendo to get the stock on store shelves.

This just makes me all the more wonder why the Wii U was a flop to begin with considering that its almost easy to make games on that system....

It was a flop because the marketing and lack there of, the "Wii" name left a big stink in gamers minds, people thought it was a add-on to the original Wii, big game droughts, a lot of the 1st party titles lacked ambition, and overall it just lacked that unique Nintendo idea/magic. The asymmetric gameplay/dual screen gimmick was rarely used and when it was it was terrible and too late (Star Fox Zero).

The Wii U I think years from now no one will remember and look back fondly on it like they do let's say the Gamecube. Almost all the big 1st party exclusives Wii U have been ported or will have been ported to 3DS and Switch. Hyrule Warriors, Pokken Tournament, Super Mario Maker, Mario Kart 8, Breath of the Wild, Yoshi's Wooly World, and Smash Bros all have 3DS/Switch counterparts so the Wii U looks terrible from a 1st party line-up. No one in the future is gonna whip out or buy a used Wii U to play such classics as Amiibo Festival, Mario Party 10, Star Fox Zero, Paper Mario: Color Splash, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, Kirby Rainbow Curse, etc.

But then...there's Metroid Prime Trilogy...and some GBA VC games....


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