Nintendo Classic Mini: SNES announced for Europe, also coming September 29

The Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System has been announced for Europe. It is coming the same day as the SNES Classic Edition, which is September 29. Included in the box are the console, a HDMI cable, USB power cable and two wired SNES controllers. The games included are the same ones as the North American version.

Here are they once again for completion sake:

·        Contra III: The Alien Wars
·        Donkey Kong Country
·        EarthBound
·        Final Fantasy III
·        F-ZERO
·        Kirby Super Star
·        Kirby’s Dream Course
·        The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
·        Mega Man X
·        Secret of Mana
·        Star Fox
·        Star Fox 2
·        Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting
·        Super Castlevania IV
·        Super Ghouls ’n Ghosts
·        Super Mario Kart
·        Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
·        Super Mario World
·        Super Metroid
·        Super Punch-Out!!
·        Yoshi’s Island

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Please, God, don't give us the crappy 50hz PAL ROMs.

It's the 60Hz versions.

Also no localized versions (e.g. the Moyse translation of Secret of Mana is a Nintendo meme pool until today over here)

Ah, good we get the (superior and factually best) European SNES. ^^ Good.

Also, they come with TWO controllers? I take it they won't release the controller seperately this time, then? I guess that is good, though I'd loved to have the controller box with the console just like my NES one. Oh well.

Mon Jun 26 17 02:07pm
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You still could if you really wanted to :

I have one of those


Nice. Wish I was into collecting before Club Nintendo died off. Would love to have one of those. ^^

Mon Jun 26 17 07:32pm
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Got mine from Club Nintendo for a couple thousand stars when this was still a thing. Arguably the best item I ever exchanged stars for. I used this puppy to play Mario Kart 8 on Wii U for years, until MK8 Deluxe came out and made me regret that the Switch doesn't support Wii remotes and its classic controller attachments.

You could still get a controller like that from places like ebay if you look out for them. I do believe that some were eventually produced for retail as well even for Europe but I can't say for sure cause that was several years ago.

Oh wow. Putting in an unreleased game [Starfox 2 in this case] in a Classic Games Machine bundle / re-release. Is this unheard of?!

EDIT: He didn't read, and assumed i was just SMW there. Obviously.

Yoshi's Island is on the list bro.

Yes! This news is lit AF! But seriously, multi-tap or gtfo. I want to be able to play Secret of Mana as intended, me and two friends.

Mon Jun 26 17 12:41pm
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That is an interesting point...wonder how they will handle more than two player games


Will not do the same mistake again and wait for "normal" euro price.
(Sweden sold NES mini for 1/3 more)

Wait a darn second.... You put the first [and weakest] DKC entry on it, but not the whole trilogy. WTH

That said, I'm amazed still at how much better our UK and European SNES looks compared to the US' 😋

It's not the weakest, but it is neither the strongest.

YAH!! We get the better looking console Smile

Any word on preorders?

I wonder what 2018's [seemingly] inevitable N64 Classic will bestow us with [considering Rare's games won't be there 🙁]...

Honestly, I expect a GameBoy Classic Mini before a N64 one, haha.

Hmm. Maybe [although the amount of third party licensing that'd surely involve makes me doubtful and, heck, Pokemon Red and Blue won't be there either, obviously].

I think they're more likely to just stick them on the Switch VC than anything.

Probably, yeah. But Nintendo ARE a lot about left-field. ^^ I could totally see a GameBoy Classic Mini happen as well. And I'd love to see a line if Portable Minis.

That reminds me, I never got a GameBoy Micro. So expensive now. :/

yeah I thought hoped a gameboy classic would be first , it could be such a big success though
I'm in for whatever. at this level of care price point I would get every system ever ... if only it was easy to buy
it's like the emergency system, in case somebody doesn't have one


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