Super Famicom Classic Edition hitting Japan Oct. 5th, game lineup revealed

Super Mario World
The Legend of the Mystical Ninja
Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts®
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Super Soccer
Contra III: The Alien Wars
Super Mario Kart
Star Fox
Secret of Mana
Mega Man X
Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem
Super Metroid
Final Fantasy VI
Super Street Fighter II
Donkey Kong Country
Yoshi's Island
Panel de Pon
Super Mario RPG
Kirby Super Star
Star Fox 2

The Super Famicom Classic Edition will release in Japan on Oct. 5th, and is priced at 7,980. Check out the info page here and the full press release here..

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I really like that box. Can't see that design doing well in the states but I'm a fan. Gives me a nostalgic Windows '95 vibe.

Mon Jun 26 17 08:19pm
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instead of earthbound, kirby dream course, castlevania 4, and punch out,

Japan got soccer, goemon(mystical ninja), tetris attack, and fire emblem.

EDIT: in addition, SF2 is not turbo. just super street fighter 2

Japan actually has the later version; SSF2 came after SF2Turbo. Super Street Fighter II Turbo (or "X") never came to the SNES/SFC. Now the decision to go with Turbo instead of Super is even more of a mystery...

Oh that's easy to explain. SFII Turbo is mostly known for the insane cheat that makes the game ultra fast, along with the fact that it's also a popular port of Champion edition. SSFII on the other hand is just an ordinary port with not much to note.

Not much of note?! Super Street Fighter 2 came with four additional characters, which is something I prefer over Turbo's "way too fast mode". This game is the one title I'm jealous of that Japan is getting. Otherwise I feel like North America's getting the better lineup.

True, they did add four new fighters... But honestly, I'm still upset that they never ported SSFII Turbo to the SNES. OG SSFII just feels too slow and dull for me compared to SNES Hyper Fighting. Though granted, I'd take Alpha 2 over any SFII game anyday

Wow, no Dragon Quest. They do get Panel de Pon though. The North American version (Tetris Attack) is criminally missing from the SNES Classic.

That's because Nintendo was dumb enough to slap the Tetris Name on it which means they'd have to go through Ubisoft to rerelease the Tetris attack version...

They'd have to go through the Tetris Company. Not Ubisoft. Ubisoft does not own Tetris. Both Ubisoft and Sega are currently licensing Tetris from The Tetris Company. Nintendo just doesn't want to pony up the cash to The Tetris Company.

Tue Jun 27 17 07:49am
(Updated 1 time)

Sega can only release physical copies on the PS4 and both physically and digitally the Switch overseas because it was a console released after the creation of Ubisoft's contract. All existing systems including the SNES are part of that contract. Sega only managed to release Puyo Puyo Tetris in the west because of a loophole, but only on 2 consoles with one restricted to physical only.

That the gist of it, but there's currently a lot more to it than that at the moment.

Mon Jun 26 17 08:31pm
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It's great to see how the controllers plug in. Probably the best solution to keep the look and also make it practical. Plugging in on the side or back would have been very odd.

Wouldn't it be a neat feature if the eject button - popped out the controller face plate. Since it looks recessed - I wonder if it'll be hard for people to pop it off.

Why is it so hard to rename Tetris Attack as "Yoshi's Puzzle League" or something? The Tetris name is holding back rereleases.

I know right? Especially since it comes with 2 controllers! Oh well.

It's coded into the game and it's not that easy to fix. They'd have to recode the entire game to scrap all mentions of tetris and by that point it wouldn't be worth it.

Gah, every time I see the EU and JPN SNES, I get sad that our US version looks so ugly compared to them.

I always thought the US one was the better looking one. I'm a fan of purple though.

Hm, I don't know if it's worth importing just for FE and Panel De pon... Surprised that the JPN one has a WEAKER lineup, unlike the Famicom Mini which was superior to the NA one

Kinda weird that Mother 2 got omitted.

Yeah, thought for sure Mother 2 would be in there :/

No way! The Super Famicom gets GOEMON? PANEL DE PON?!?

So much need and want

Wasn't there a Goemon game released globally?

Indeed, a select few were (including the Super Famicom version here)

It's a shame we don't get Legend of the Mystical Ninja in all versions of the SNES mini too.

You know what bothers me?

If Nintendo is releasing Star Fox 2, why can't they instead release some of the Fire Emblem Japan exclusive games as well? This would've been the perfect chance to get the true experience of such games like Thracia 776 or Holy War..


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