Nicalis working to add Cave Story graphics to Cave Story+

Cave Story+ has a bunch of new bells and whistles, but some fans want to go back to the way things originally were. In the tweet above, Nicalis confirms that they're working on a mode that makes the game look like the original Cave Story release. This should be a free update to the game, but there's no word on when it will release. Thanks to ImmediateMuffin for the heads up!

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Pretty cool that they're doing it for nothing.

That's something I'll enjoy, since that's how I first enjoyed the game. Now we're also waiting on that co-op mode update too.

I actually really like the new graphics.

Sun Jul 02 17 01:37am
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I love Cave Story and I just beated the game yesterday but for the love of god, pls stop porting the game already! Yeah its an awesome game but its so awesome that you can even get it for free!

What you really need to do Nicalis is support Pixel for future games so we can get experiences better than or like Cave Story.

Did Nicalis ever said anything about adding HD rumble support to the game? Its kind of strange that everything about their release got the deluxe treatment except for the game itself.


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