Sledgehammer Games directly says Call of Duty: WWII isn't coming to Switch

Coming from a Reddit AMA with Sledgehammer Games...

Reddit user ThePCGamingNoob: Yes or no? Is Call Of Duty WWII coming to Nintendo Switch?

Sledgehammer Games: No.

I mean, you can't get anymore clear-cut than that. It's a direct answer, nothing wishy-washy about it. I'd say it doesn't get any more definitive than that.


That's disappointing. At least the Wii U got a Black Ops 2 before they ditched it.

Sat Jul 01 17 02:12pm
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That's a shame. I won't be playing it then. I wonder why this is, anyhow. Power issues? Sledgehammer not wanting to bother? Activision telling them they can't? The Switch is a successful machine. Curious. It's selling faster than the PS4 did in the same timeframe. I know it's only at 4 million or so, but how much more success does it need to reach before third parties see this differently?

Sat Jul 01 17 02:50pm
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Activision is still bitter about Blops II Wii U not selling as much as they wanted. Nevermind besides Nintendo screwing up, Activision screwed up worse by releasing Ghosts everywhere, not providing DLC to Nintendo platforms for at least Blops II (if Blops II's DLC flops on Wii U, then you can pull DLC support from Ghosts Wii U), and not marketing their Wii U ports.

It used to be you could have 3,000 players in Blops II's heyday on Wii U, but today you barely can find 500 people online thanks to Activision killing all support outside keeping the servers up forcing players to go to non-Nintendo platforms for the full CoD experience (or alienating them out of getting future Activision products).

There's only so many times one can play the vanilla version of Blops II before it gets stale... And Blops II Wii U got stale fast with poor support from everyone involved (except the players of course).

EDIT - Also I can probably bet Sony has a clause saying no Nintendo ports (with Microsoft/PC only keeping theirs due to prior contractual obligations).

They got the PS3 and 360 running on the Wii. So how can it be power issues? With these game engines nowadays, you can make any game run on a toaster is less than a week.

It's just that they don't really give a f... Maybe next year, with the Switch selling over 15 million they might consider it... or not.

But, really, c'mon, do people still have hope of seeing third-party games on the Switch? Look at this E3... If third-parties were interested, we would see it at E3... Aside from a few old games like Rocket League e Skyrim and a shitty version of FIFA... Basically, we got nothing.

Ubisoft is only making two games for the console because Nintendo is paying for one of them and the other one is a game made to sell toys.

Even freakin' Capcom ditched the Switch. It's the only console that's not getting the new Monster Hunter. Instead, it's getting a port of handheld that's probably won't be released outside Japan.

It's over, give up. Nintendo consoles are for Nintendo games and that's it.

When Nintendo says: "we got strong third-party support" they mean "we got a bunch of indie games, ports old games and stupid for your little sister like Just Dance"... That the "strong third-party support" Nintendo always talks about.

It's over, give up.

Yeah let's kill a second straight Nintendo console with the Firefly effect by spreading FUD, doom, and gloom to scare off everyone that could usher in a Nintendo comeback. Let's continue the cycle of Nintendo forever being shit/doomed no matter what they do. Hell they could cure cancer and people like you would say they caused it in the first place.

Should Kimishima die be fired like people were calling for Iwata's life job were done?

That's the second straight Nintendo console with people dreamming of third-party support, thinking it's gonna come later and then getting dissapointed.

Hell, it could be even the third console the console... The Wii had some third-party support, but it really didn't have the games people wanted. 3 generation... and you are still "oooooh but give them time, third-parties will come"...

C'mon... Switch support is even WEAKER than what the Wii U got in its first year.

Second? Try fourth. No one really supported the Wii nor the GCN.

Calling Nintendo done after an E3 literally 4 months after a system launch is the most premature thing to do. I can see it after a failed holiday, as per the Wii U, but months? May as well call it in after knowing the Switch only sold 1 million the first week.

Sat Jul 01 17 05:42pm
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Sorry, but it's 4 months AFTER the system launch and ALL the big third-parties company have the devs kits for more than a year...

And we pretty much have nothing announced aside from those games I talked about. That is a VERY clear sign they are not interested. At this point we should have at least a few big game announced.... Even the freakin' Wii U had more third-party games announced at this point in its life. C''mon...

Uhhhh, 4 months into its lifespan Wii U was starting to have "announced" games drop like flies. More had dev kits that never even released a game on the system. Hell, after the burn the Wii U had pretty certain no third party wants to touch it cause next to no money was made in supporting it. I'd see why third parties would avoid investing in it if a repeated attachment ratio of their games on Nintendo consoles remain the same, especially if Switch's early ownership would equate to just naturally less sales for the effort.

Not saying your expectations are foolish, I am carrying the similar viewpoint with a tad bit more scrutiny. But reality is reality and 4 months in for most thirst parties to "watch and see" how successful the new system would be to consider support. And it showing early impressive momentum, I would doubt, if ANY support were to be done, would been too early to show something at E3. But, that is assuming they'd consider new things all together.

I would wager if Nintendo were go for the power pissing contest and go part-for-part with the PS4 Pro, we'd see similar actions. Releasing "Never Been On Nintendo Before!" game releases like Skyrim would be their main idea to soak money in rather than bring it to parity, with all the gizmos the other two consoles had.

I'm not going to argue with all your doom and gloom, but I do want to point out that Ubi is bringing more than 2 games to Switch. They also have Rayman Legends Definitive, Steep, and Just Dance announced for the platform.

Still not a stellar line-up, but might as well at least stick to the facts.

The answer is probably very simple: If the game's been in development since before October of last year/Jan 2017, then they aren't gonna bother porting it to switch as it would cause a late port.

So again I won't BUY your game & nevertheless I'll play it on PC... I won't be able to play it online which I wouldn't do even if I was paid to do so, who cares...
All I see is I win on all fronts, Activision gets none of my $$, I play the game on PC, I don't play the hellish online rude cheating kiddies ridden online component, THX for making my life easier Activision ;)

What's it matter? No third party support from Western devs that release piss poor AAA title after piss poor AAA title. How many times have ppl been mad that a AAA title skips a Nintendo console for that game to come out and it be shit? We're disappointed that cod isn't coming to switch? They just had a bad ass e3 with the most exclusive coming out. That's Nintendo systems. Exclusives.

I'm okay with that. I have a ps4 for third party games and believe me I have plenty of them. Problem is, most of them suck.

Btw, how is it Nintendo's fault? The third party games that did come out didn't sell. Why would they want to put money into a game that probably won't sell?

Nintendo has tried to give us what we said we wanted. We want mature games. They got them for us and no one bought them. We want a launch with third party games. They got them for us last gen and they didn't sell. Nintendo fans want, want, want, but then don't buy, buy, buy. Yes I realize some ports weren't great, but you have to ask yourself why? Maybe it's because we have never bought third party games as Nintendo fans.

Personally I'm fine with having the best exclusives and using my ps4 for third party games that I'll probably be disappointed in.

While I think the Switch will do fine in the long run and is doing really great right now for Nintendo. In fact by next holiday season if Pokemon is released by then I see the console hitting at LEAST 25 million sold.

Though I agree with ANDRELOL33 when it comes to 3rd parties. Why people keep expecting them at this point is just sad. It's like a dog being dropped off somewhere by it's owner with the owner telling the dog to "stay I'll be back in a little" only to never show up again with the dog patiently waiting there forever...okay bad analogy I was watching Futurama recently and well...lol

But seriously besides the occasional Sonic, Just Dance, LEGO, or Sports game I don't see anything else hitting the system. With the occasional odd-ball exclusive here and there (like Bayonetta 3 or No More Heroes 3). I don't think it's because of lack of power, or lackluster online and lack of achievements, etc. I think 3rd parties are just simply done with Nintendo and it's fanbase. They can obviously sustain on just the Sony, Microsoft, PC market. So whether Nintendo came out with a system more powerful than the Xbox One X in a year. 3rd parties still wouldn't jump on board because they fear their games just won't sell on Nintendo platforms.

You can't just add a Mario hat/Link Costume to every 3rd party game and expect every Nintendo fan to eat it up nor can you half-ass a release on a Nintendo console expecting once again Nintendo fans to eat it up "because hey it's something for Nintendo fans to play since there is nothing else in between software droughts" because FYI 3rd parties, Nintendo fans won't buy your release if they know you purposely gimped there release in order to make a quick buck. It doesn't matter if it's something extra for them play they won't buy it they'll just replay Breath of the Wild for the 3rd time while waiting for Nintendo to release the next big game.


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