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I wish there were dedicated Beat em Up JoyCons one day. A mini stick an buttons.

Curly is cute. They gave her a lot of personality. I'm glad they went with her instead of Quote, to be honest. He would have been a bit boring in a fighting game.

Quote would be just as fine as Curly. The only problem is that Quote barely talks but they can make it so here like how Nintendo did for Ness in Smash.

Judging by the cover of the game, it feels like they tried to go for as many females as possible, so that might've also influenced the decision

Honestly, I feel a prequel to Cave Story needs to happen. I don't care what it is but I'd sure as hell would love for it to happen.

I hope they smooth out Blade Strangers' animations because it's still pretty slow and choppy. I really like how the characters look but how it moves right now is doing it no favors.


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