Even Adult Swim wants to see Mother 3 localized

I love how aware Adult Swim is. I think it helps when the people behind the channel/content are actually fans of the stuff they talk about. Thanks to FangztheWolf for the heads up!

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That's pretty fun haha
I think at this point, Nintendo is earning more publicity by NOT translating it lol

I don't get why people just don't understand that localizing the game isn't the issue at all but rather that its legal lawsuits that's the main issue.

The game rips off beatle's music and that alone can get Nintendo sued.

Tue Jul 04 17 05:49am
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That is a crap load of rubbish. Stop just believing whatever random crap some person once typed on the internet somewhere.

If it were because of the songs then they couldn't have released the Japanese version of the game, which contains exactly the same songs.

And, if they released the Japanese version of the game by having to pay for licenses--I doubt this was necessary so much its not even funny--then they can do the same for the western release.

I totally agree with her.

"Localize Mother 3" is a meme more than any kind of genuine demand.

Now if they did a full on REMAKE of the game, in its original Earthbound 64 style, with higher production values, tying up the loose ends, maybe adding some new content in the form of new monsters and maybe a side chapter / alternate ending, that might generate some real demand.

I wouldn't go so far as to the say that it's a meme MORE so than actual demand. I would say it has become a meme BECAUSE the demand has been there for so long and has been so strong.

Same goes for Half Life 3 and the works. If any of those games finally came to fruition, the internet would rejoice. Just look at Beyond Good & Evil.

No Half Life 3 will ever possibly live up to the hype and expectations of a Half Life 3.

I don't ever see that game existing to be honest.


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