Zelda: Breath of the Wild - still play as Link in The Champion's Ballad, development footage


So will IT get a New separate area to explore or will IT just fill up the world with new stuff in a New Game+ fashion?

It will take place in the same huge world. Bill Trinen confirmed that shortly after the announcement of the DLC.

I am surprised to see in delevelopment footage of a Zelda game btw ...

My guess is it takes place in the same areas but at a time before Ganon attacked.

This is debunked actually. Aonuma said it takes place after BOTW's story.

I wonder if it will be a "cleaner" pre-damaged Hyrule. I don't mind the original landscape. They could, however, put in new NPCs, slightly changed forestry, and maybe an extra city or outpost.

That, I'd be okay with.

Already confirmed to take place post-Ganon's defeat guys ^

It makes sense to be set in the present [sequel tease in the full ending, and less assets to make].

Looking forward to seeing more of this Zelda!

I really, really, hope it involves quests to rebuild Hyrule and actually recreating Hyrule Castle Town and many of the other ruins into their former villages.

Really? I missed that whenever it was announced.

I was really hoping it was set 101 years ago while Hyrule was flourishing with a full Castle Town

It came soon after. Easily missed.

And, oh yeah, I think most of us were expecting prequel DLC and or then a MM-esque smaller sequel game in 2-3 years time, but it makes sense production wise to keep the ruined world and add only the new dungeon.

Will be interesting if, at the very least, that rebuilding Hyrule Castle / Town is a new story quest.

Glad to see I'm not the only one who wanted to see Hyrule in full swing. There are SOOO many ruins! I would have loved to see all of the outposts in full swing, more towns, less damage. Rebuilding sounds fun too though - we'll see.


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