Fan makes Mega Maker, a Super Mario Maker-style Mega Man creator for PC

If Capcom isn't going to make a new Mega Man game, the fans will do it! That's why Mega Maker has been created. Looks like a pretty fun time to me! Let's hope Capcom doesn't squash it.

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Oh my %&)="()/"%/()(= god. I need this!

Sat Jul 08 17 09:19pm
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Really hope it gets to see release (only a week away..knocks on wood man) this is the kind of fan project I love to see, like AM2R or the Mega Man 25th anniversary game, just things Capcom should be doing themselves but with a little bit of that original creative flair only a fan would put in. Man I miss the Blue Bomber so much. This is great.

8-bit Mega Man Powered Up

And eventually, Capcom will do a takedown because why not? Afterall, its all about copyright protection that they need to do it.

I got nothing against fan games and I get that its a hobby and to some extent, it does get some attention. But bashing companies because of takedowns like AMR2, Pokemon Uranium and Pheonix Wright just isn't fair nor is it even a good thing doing so because that just makes people think that fans are better at making games than the devs behind those games in the first place.

However Mega Man is an exception. As of now, not a single kickstarter game can replicate the feel of a Mega Man game and when we did have one, it was just horrible. Hopefully, the fan guy here instead of doing a fan game reconsiders his thoughts on what he's doing and make a game..or rather a spiritual successor to Mega man so that he can get money and Capcom can see his game and think of making a brand new Mega Man game.

If XXXXX isn't going to make a new XXXXX game, the fans will do it!

That quotation is gonna haunt me for the rest of my gaming days, as an excuse for people to make games in the style of not-currently-continued franchises or even "fair use" claims or similar which actually involve some copyright-infringing action... MAKE IT STOP


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