Nintendo files for "Nintendo Check-In" trademark

Nintendo has been filing for trademarks left and right lately. Today we see that they're trying to secure a trademark for "Nintendo Check-In", with the image you see above. No idea what it'll be used for, but I imagine we'll find out more details soon.

UPDATE - Trademark pertains to: planning and directing plays, film screenings, production or distribution, theatrical performances or performances, music performances, games of lend-lease administration, online games provide, provision of entertainment facilities, toys...

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I'm going to guess the trademark if for the Universal Studio's Nintendo Park.

Most likely. Or, they are formalizing the My Nintendo check in feature... which you can only currently do at their New York store.

And at their Summer of Play tour.

No idea what it's for, but it looks slick!

I'm guessing they're formulating a check-in system that's already built in our Nintendo accounts. When you go to events and conventions (like PAX East, E3), you have the option to log in to your account on your mobile handset and check-in for a chance to win prizes and stuff. So they may be looking to expand upon that a bit with even more locations —

"Check-in" where you're playing your Switch!

Such a fab, clean design!

Film eh.... I wonder if a fire emblem movie can happen.

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