Cave Story+ - classics graphics update coming in August

We didn't have any information on the release of this content earlier. Now we at least know it's coming out in August. As soon as it hits, we'll be sure to share it with you!

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Mon Jul 10 17 05:41pm
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I like the new graphics but I know that some were complaining you couldn't go back to the classic style. But I'm glad they listened to their fan base as most companies don't.

Is there any word on when the co-op update is coming out? Will that be coming along with this?

Wait... This wasn't involved before? I swear I expected it to be some form of unlockable or something. Where the hell does the "+" comes from out the gate?

They updated the soundtrack, did new arrangements of the soundtrack, streamlined some parts of the game, and added some new challenges (I think some are new).
They also have all the different soundtracks available from the start.

What an age we live in where the retro graphics are what we expect from a "+"/"ultra"/"deluxe"/etc - rather than the updated graphics.

You know this was added to the fact the Co-op is essentially left out if one does not patch as well. This was a response to this addition of content I thought was added alongside the previous mention.

They were available in the PC version of Cave Story + as well as in the original Wii port.

I just hope we can get a menu option to switch soundtracks in-game, too. I really hate that I have to exit the game to change the music and can't compare them on the fly.

Love the Switch port of this and I'm really happy to finally have a boxed copy of the game that isn't the massively inferior 3DS version (crap boxart and all).

One thing I don't appreciate about it though is how it's made me realise how crap the D-Pad on the Pro Controller is. Played the majority of it in handheld with the joy cons but when I tried it on the TV with the Pro pad I realised how easy it is to push diagonally on the D-Pad when trying only to press right/left. Using the Booster 2.0 is really difficult when pressing diagonally sends you up. Frustrating as hell especially considering how good Nintendo D-Pads traditionally are.

I believe I need to check it again but I haven't had any problems with the Dpad in the pro controller. I just got booster 2.0 as well.


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