Cave Story+ could see a new more music in a free update

I mean, free content is always good. If you want to see this happen, make sure you vote in the Twitter poll above! Thanks to The_Ninjadillo for the heads up!

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Wow, how fresh and quirky of them to include a Portal cake joke in their poll.

So we heard of the classic graphics update, now a 5th soundtrack option... we haven't heard ANYTHING of the first update mentioned though: co-op play. Is this a hint that they're having issues, like other companies, getting online to work properly on Switch?

I didn't think that mode was ever supposed to be online?

Be great if that's the case but not sure I remember Nicalis ever proposing it as an online mode; only heard them talking about local co-op.

Fair enough that might just have been my own wishful thinking then. Still... we haven't heard anything about that in quite some time now.

I think it's because there's simply not much to say about it until it's done. As for why it's not done yet... It could be development issues, but it could also be that they have something special planned for it. (Redesigned levels to better fit coop?)

Or a completely new story mode to justify both characters being there on screen at the same time? I guess Pixel would have to oversee that wouldn't he, that Nicalis wouldn't be allowed to just take liberties with the game in terms of story.

Now we're talking! I'd love to see that!


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